3 years ago

Ivf whilst breastfeeding?

Has anyone gone through ivf whilst still breastfeeding? Is it safe? I’d love to know your experience? I will go through this soon whilst still bf my little one
Ivf whilst breastfeeding?

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8 months ago

My dr said it’s safe but I could pump and dump during the week of meds

1 year ago

I had to stop given the meds...

1 year ago

Can you undergo IVF if you are breastfeeding and as a result still haven't had a period since birth? I really dont want to have to stop breastfeeding to have treatment if i can help it.

2 years ago

I was told it is totally not safe by one of the best ivf dr.s in mi. Nurses agree. So sad for my oldest. We stopped right before

2 years ago

A friend did IVF while breastfeeding and she had to find a clinic happy with it but they said the same as above, they are artificial hormones, barely anything goes through the milk. It seems some clinics have an absolute no because they’re not actually sure but there are some groups on Facebook who offer support and medical reports to back up pushing to still carry on. If you search IVF Support UK in Facebook that group is huge and full of useful advice, they were brilliant when I went through IVF. It is possible, it just depends on your clinic

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