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  • Temple Hills, United States
  • 11 days ago


Any suggestions on natural induction? Something that may work quickly and safely for momma and baby? FTM here. 40 weeks and 2 days. Body feels like it’s at max capacity 😢
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  • Federal Way, United States
  • 2 days ago

So sorry! I was overdue too. I was induced at 42 weeks. I tried everything with no luck. The one thing that did anything for me was using a breast pump. I don’t remember the details on what it does to induce labor.

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  • Port Jefferson Station, United States
  • 4 days ago

I did everything possible/ moves things, walked, sex, ate spicy food...everything...nothing worked and my doctors told me that there really is no way haha everything we’ve heard are old wives tales

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  • Cottage Grove, USA
  • 6 days ago

I don't want to discourage you but I honestly believe baby will come when they're ready. My husband made me try all kinds of natural inducing techniques and nothing worked other than waiting. I had my little guy at 41 weeks.. ironically the day I was scheduled to be induced.. but I went into labor the day before naturally. GOOD LUCK. Any day past 40 weeks feels like the longest days of your life.

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  • Cottage Grove, USA
  • 6 days ago

When I say I went into labor, I mean I was woken up by contractions at 3am. Didn't have my boy until 33 hours later though.

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  • Snellville, United States
  • 7 days ago

Have someone massage your feet and ankles, walk if you can, drink lots of water and take a bath. The bath didn't work for me but it did when my mom was having me. Good luck!!

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  • Peoria, United States
  • 9 days ago

I took a warm bath with oregano to relax me. And then I drank a clove tea. Put three to four clove in hot water. And the next day my water broke and started cramping.

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