Groveland, Massachusetts, US
4 years ago

Maternity Leave

A local page posted this image of a sculpture (artist unknown). The person it was shared from said the sculpture is entitled "Maternity Leave". Mamas, this imagery hit me HARD. This is how I felt while I was on maternity leave - it reminded me of how difficult it was to adjust to a new role while trying to maintain my old one. What do you think? Did being on Maternity Leave feel like this to you? If yes, how did you combat it?
Maternity Leave

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4 months ago

Absolutely. Mat leave is really tough. Life revolves around feeding and pumping and trying to get the baby to sleep. No time to have meal, watch TV or read a book in peace, have a nap, or God forbid try to work out or study something new. And all the house tores piling up, laundry and cooking and cleaning, etc. It's really overwhelming and lonely sometimes. And money gets tight

1 year ago


1 year ago

I love maternity!!! Nothing like that at all! Yes it’s an adjustment but it’s also so much fun!!! Lots of chilled time and the pace of life has slowed down which is enjoyable!! Maybe my life before was just hectic but I’ve got more time now and perspective on what is actually important!! And I even get to go ride my horse which was always difficult to fit in before Kx

2 years ago

I imagine maternity leave as 24/7 skin to skin with baby while breastfeeding and binging shows in my room. My mom is moving up 11/2 months before my due date to help me transition into a mom. I’m very fortunate that the women in my family will be rotating to help us every couple months.

3 years ago

Wow 100% get this! I was struggling to manage the simplest of things and I said no I can’t keep doing this I want to enjoy it so I started working from home a couple hours a day just to have a little normality and then only do a little around the home and enjoy myself more!! 😃

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