• Sarah
  • Groveland, USA
  • about 15 hours ago

Maternity Leave

A local page posted this image of a sculpture (artist unknown). The person it was shared from said the sculpture is entitled "Maternity Leave". Mamas, this imagery hit me HARD. This is how I felt while I was on maternity leave - it reminded me of how difficult it was to adjust to a new role while trying to maintain my old one. What do you think? Did being on Maternity Leave feel like this to you? If yes, how did you combat it?
  • A
  • WA, US
  • about 15 hours ago

I imagine maternity leave as 24/7 skin to skin with baby while breastfeeding and binging shows in my room. My mom is moving up 11/2 months before my due date to help me transition into a mom. I’m very fortunate that the women in my family will be rotating to help us every couple months.

  • J
  • ENG, GB
  • 4 months ago

Wow 100% get this! I was struggling to manage the simplest of things and I said no I can’t keep doing this I want to enjoy it so I started working from home a couple hours a day just to have a little normality and then only do a little around the home and enjoy myself more!! 😃

  • W
  • LA, US
  • 12 months ago

I think it should be called motherhood not maternity leave because all that stays after the maternity leave ends.

  • A
  • Halifax, Canada
  • over 1 year ago

Depends how you feel about chores and childcare. I love being home with my kids so I go out of my way to make my husbands life easy during maternity leave and I ask him to carry a lot more household weight when I’m working so he sees the value in me being home! I’m also hoping to only work part time after we’re done having kids and I don’t get any more leave so there’s obviously some strategy and I see it as an investment or a sales pitch hahaha

  • M
  • Westcliff-on-Sea, United Kingdom
  • almost 2 years ago

That's exactly how I feel! I live in the UK and am only taking 6 weeks Maternity Leave and 2 weeks annual leave because I am the one with the better job and my boyfriend doesn't make as much. I thought it would be like a vacation to be home with my little one but I was so wrong! It'll be really tough soon because in three weeks I'll be back at work - 3 days at home and 2 days office and boyfriend will be looking after our baby for the two days. That's gonna be a challenge, but the two office days will feel like a vacation...apart from the sleep deprivation of course.

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