• Sarah
  • Groveland, USA
  • 7 months ago

Maternity Leave

A local page posted this image of a sculpture (artist unknown). The person it was shared from said the sculpture is entitled "Maternity Leave". Mamas, this imagery hit me HARD. This is how I felt while I was on maternity leave - it reminded me of how difficult it was to adjust to a new role while trying to maintain my old one. What do you think? Did being on Maternity Leave feel like this to you? If yes, how did you combat it?
  • A
  • Halifax, Canada
  • 3 months ago

Depends how you feel about chores and childcare. I love being home with my kids so I go out of my way to make my husbands life easy during maternity leave and I ask him to carry a lot more household weight when I’m working so he sees the value in me being home! I’m also hoping to only work part time after we’re done having kids and I don’t get any more leave so there’s obviously some strategy and I see it as an investment or a sales pitch hahaha

  • J
  • Goldsboro, United States
  • 4 months ago

I mean, all of that stuff has to get done regardless. It is definitely a lot to adjust to of course when you’re taking care of a new baby, but wouldn’t working just add to the pile of responsibility? There is nothing wrong with working or not working after having a baby, I guess I just don’t really understand the sculpture. Your responsibilities don’t end just because you go back to work. Unless it’s just implying it’s hard to get used to juggling it all. I’m a SAHM and I definitely had some trouble adjusting to doing all of the housework and tending the baby, but now that my little guy is 1 it’s much easier and I’m figuring out a routine that works best for us.

  • M
  • Allen, United States
  • 5 months ago

Yes I’m on leave now- and I feel just like this

  • M
  • Westcliff-on-Sea, United Kingdom
  • 6 months ago

That's exactly how I feel! I live in the UK and am only taking 6 weeks Maternity Leave and 2 weeks annual leave because I am the one with the better job and my boyfriend doesn't make as much. I thought it would be like a vacation to be home with my little one but I was so wrong! It'll be really tough soon because in three weeks I'll be back at work - 3 days at home and 2 days office and boyfriend will be looking after our baby for the two days. That's gonna be a challenge, but the two office days will feel like a vacation...apart from the sleep deprivation of course.

  • S
  • Pimpama, Australia
  • 6 months ago

I feel this represents me still now! I’m not on maternity leave, I have a almost 7 yr old, almost 3 yr old and 8 month old. I work from home & have all the house duties of a full time mum also! It’s certainly a struggle!

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