Should more restaurants/cafes have breastfeeding areas?

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I would think I would want it to say yes, but at the same time I feel like I feed my baby no matter where I'm in, so if it has an specific area or not I will still feed her so I dont this would make a difference for me

I’m a momma of 3. We travel a ton, always out and about, and I chose to breastfeed my youngest for what felt like ever! (20 months at bedtime, 13 months during the day) If you choose to go out, then breastfeed. If you choose to sit in your car for your own reasons? Do that too. But asking places to offer a spot for the small population of moms that feel they need a private place provided to feed their child, I wouldnt agree with that or think that it’s necessary. It wouldn’t change my choice to visit a place or not. But that’s my perspective! Everyone is different, and I dont know when breastfeeding became a “reason” for all things needing changed, but after pumping/formula bottle feeding the first two kids, I know the breastfeeding definitely made life easier, not harder. Which is why I ended up having to nurse the third. So if I felt entitled to a separate space, that really just defeats the purpose of breastfeeding for the ease.

I feed my daughter where ever and when ever. If someone says something I snap back. Dont let people make you feel ashamed to feed your baby in public. Your baby cant walk into a restaurant and order food and eat it themselves. Babies place their order when they are hungry.

Personally I just feed wherever, I just tend not to sit in the window or near lots of people traffic. I’ve personally never had any stares or nasty comments. However, a lady on a train once came over and said she wanted to high five me for doing such a great job. More people should be like her!

Omgggggg it should be a law lol

If I can nurse standing in line at a Walmart in front of a bunch of Mennonites and not be judged you can nurse at the table. People need to get over themselves.i use the two shirt method and no one sees a thing.

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For some mamas it’s a big anxiety trigger, so I want them to be comfortable, but if people *seeing* breastfeeding are bothered, I agree, pff, baby eating is more important.

I was that mom. I didn’t want to, but my kids are just more important.

No. Just nurse wherever you are! :)

I'm not leaving the table during dinner to feed my infant. Sorry

YES, YES, YES THEY SHOULD! I breastfeed until my son was 6 months old and I would never go out because I was terrified of breastfeeding in public! I was scared of nasty men staring or judging. The judging coming specially from women! I hate that you know? We have to support each other and I hate to see other moms shame other moms because they’re breastfeeding in public. I mean, you can’t control when your hungry right? Well neither can a 1 month old! Ugh, makes me so mad.

No, I'm going to feed my baby when and where we want. It's just a taboo because of the over sexualization of women's bodies through society. Society needs to change not my babies eating habits. You don't see soda machines covered up or being sexualized for doing its job, so nor should my breast.

I just feed my baby wherever I am.

I always nursed in public in the carrier. Honestly if people have issues with me feeding my child then I'll tell them how much of an issue I have with them chewing with their mouth open or something. I didnt get too many looks because she was in the carrier and it went fairly unnoticed.

You should be able to nurse your child where ever you please a child hunger is not on demand to the public And people need to get over themselves and realize that

No, we don't need special accommodations to breastfeed. Just feed baby where you are when they need it

I’d just like to see all countries’ cultures ok with having our breasts out to feed our babies! There are exposed breasts all over magazines in the supermarket, and never for the purpose of the breast: feeding our babies! I don’t want to have to leave the table like a exile when my baby is hungry. Boobs out, let baby eat and mama socialize. ❤️

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I like to believe we are slowly changing this. It is a great taboo to break, i feel Every mama agrees that there is nothing worng with breastfeeding in public.

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I say pop a tiddy out wherever you need , whenever you need.

And changing stations in mens bathroom too if no family bathroom. It makes me So mad when there is only a changing station in the women’s

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Ugh me too!! I hate when my poor husband goes to change our little one only to come back because there is no changing table in the guys bathroom. 🙄 it's so annoying for both of us!

This is a really good point!

No, because nursing should be done anywhere freely. While i understand many women’s desire for s secluded private space, it also gives the message that it should be done privately. It’s a double edged sword. I wish more women were comfortable with and society in the states was more accepting of nursing in public

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I guess you are right. Never thought about it that way

This is how I feel. I don’t want moms who have anxiety to suffer with the bad feelings they get from nursing in public. BUT I also don’t want private bf-ing rooms to give other diners the attitude that bf-ing is something that should be hidden away. “UGH! There’s a ROOM for that, you know. Maybe you should USE it. Disgusting.” Or even a waiter saying “Ma’am, we have a breastfeeding room.” I would want to melt into my chair and hide.

My youngest always wanted to nurse when we all ate meals so I would always just nurse her while I ate..I used a cover just because I don't want others seeing my boob hang out ha but I've never once left where I was to nurse in another area...at 13 months we still walk through store nursing ha

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SAME! I was asked directions in Target once, the woman had no idea I was nursing with baby in her carrier 😂

I love when this works. It’s like a relief for mom and baby!!! No one ever tells you though that it’s way hard with a new baby. I feel like they really need the sit-down or lie-down bf-ing at that stage, cause their neck control is like wheeeeeee. Bobble heads. ❤️

Why a special area? I just always try to get a booth and have nursed throughout my time at the restaurant.. never had an issue.

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It’s not about being put away. I suffered with serve anxiety feeding in public, so being in an area where I’m alone or feeding along with other mothers would’ve been great. You need to think of the bigger picture!

Why I love target. They let me nurse in the dressing rooms. I hate the stares I get when I would nurse in public 🙄

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For real. Why stare? It’s how babies eat well!

With all the new trend of “breast is best”, you would think that restaurants and other social areas would accommodate breastfeeding. There are so many of us out there that we need some loving too instead of being shamed into the bathroom. I nurse right at the table with my cover on!

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@Kristy @Ele, you mommas rock! 😍 👍🏼💯Agree. Women shouldn't have to hide to feed their babies! If a woman is too modest to whip it out, that's totally cool, but she should never feel like she's got to accommodate pearl clutchers while nursing!

I nurse at the table, too. Eff that noise of being banished.

It would be nice sucks to nurse in the car or bathroom

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