3 years ago

Nap Advice Needed

Hey friends! My baby does great falling asleep at bedtime but daytime naps are difficult. She’s been only able to nap when “helped” but I want to be able to lay her down in her crib and have her sleep. She’s almost3 months old. How do you do naps with your LO? How did you “train” them? Thanks for any advice!
Nap Advice Needed

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6 months ago

Structured naps are hard that early on. I’d say give her a couple more months. Right now, she needs “help” because she’s still learning that this whole big world is OUTSIDE of your belly and she just wants what she knows to sooth her.

7 months ago

Baby sleep music on YouTube. …this trick still works for my son and he 3 years old https://youtu.be/Wm15rvkifPc

11 months ago

I know my baby is tired but won't take nap until I give his bottle. Is this normal for naps.

1 year ago

We are the opposite our NB sleeps amazing in day and goes down no problem but night time it’s ddifferent but we don’t know why or how to change this. He’s impossible to wake in daytime

2 years ago

My little one is 3 months and cat naps through the whole day. She falls asleep in our arms but the second you even think about putting her down her eyes are wide open.

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2 years ago

That was the age I got a snoo. Started doing all naps in it too! Put her down for naps at first signs of tiredness. Before that, she would only nap on me, and if I tried to lay her down, she would wake up within minutes.

2 years ago

My 2 month old is like this. Have u done anything to encourage napping off you?

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