New York City, New York, US
3 years ago

Introducing, Community Postcards

As the news is shifting day by day, we’re committed to supporting those who need it most. So we’ve created postcards that you can use to offer help and spread kindness throughout your neighborhood. Head to the Peanut Shop to order a free pack and enter ‘HERE4YOU’ at the checkout for complimentary shipping 👉 Let’s help make a difference. We’re in this together!
Introducing, Community Postcards

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8 months ago

There's no more?

2 years ago

Just put in my order. Can't wait. I love to help whoever I can. An as mothers we stick together and stay strong.

2 years ago

Thanks so much! I ordered some. Hopefully, this will help some local people.

2 years ago

love this idea. I can't help anyone as I'm a single mom, low income, no car and have a lung disease.

2 years ago

Just ordered myself a pack

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