3 years ago

How much do I need!

Luckily I started buying baby grows and clothes weeks ago but I just don't no how much I need and what sizes before bubbas arrival in 8 weeks.. Can anyone advise?
How much do I need!

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5 months ago

This post has just made me realise that I haven't bought a single newborn item 🙈. Plenty 0-3, 3-6, 6-9.... but I best get some newborn. X

6 months ago

It depends on baby's size for sure. Mine was 8lbs 13 oz at birth and 23 inches long. He was in newborn for about 3 weeks, 0 to 3 for 1-2 months (sleepers and most onesies lasted the longest-- he grew out of pants quickly). I'd say have a supply of newborn and 0-3 to start and then buy more once you know the baby's size.

6 months ago

We though my son would be in 0-3 right away but was in newborn for almost a month. He only spent a little over a month in 0-3 he is currently in 3-6 and 7 weeks old. Once he started to grow he grew quickly. We also got a lot of clothes after we had him. I would say a few in each size and then see how they grow.

7 months ago

What do they estimate your baby’s size at currently?

7 months ago

I know it may have been a while.ago but could i ask where did you get the I love ❤️ baby grows and sleepsuits from please xx

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