3 years ago

Seeing my stomach move creeps me out 😱

Was/Is anyone else totally creeped out at seeing their stomach move? To be honest this is the worst part of being pregnant to me. Seeing my stomach move or (recently) actually feeling a foot pushing out really creeps me out. Edit: So seems to be some confusion. Fisrt yes this is a Google image not me, nor do i think it real. Second feeling the baby kick or move is very normal to me like my stomach growling its whatever. What bothers me is seeing 👀 with my eyes my stomach move or feeling my stomach and making out a foot. That creeps me out.
Seeing my stomach move creeps me out 😱

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1 month ago

Same here 😭 deffo not used to seeing/feeling it

2 months ago

I always that is was funny especially my son he was always there most active boy use to have me cracking up and he still a little hyper boy😂

2 months ago

@ROSE oow my baby boy loves reggae as well, planning to play it at my elective csection ^^

2 months ago

I totally understand what you mean, I'm in my third trimester with twins so I see body parts moving all the time in my belly, it's so wierd and still sort of creeps me out sometimes. One thing I do that help me when the movemnts get too overwhelming is wear a pregnancy belt that has quite a thick lining so you will feel the kicks and movements but most likely not see them happening. I also tend to sort of pet the bulging and either speak or sing to it, I find it sooths them and relaxes their tensing against my skin

3 months ago


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