3 years ago

12 week scan shocker!

I just found out I’m having twins 🤯 it was totally unexpected as neither me or my hubby have twins anywhere in our families, and it was a spontaneous conception, so it never crossed my mind as a possibility! My parents passed away but hopefully my mother-in-law (who lives up north) will be able to stay with us for a few weeks to support. I’m terrified about all the extra work and potential labour complications (desperate for a low-intervention vaginal delivery) and am still just in shock coming to terms with it all. Would love to connect with and hear from any other mums of multiples and expecting, how are you coping?
12 week scan shocker!

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1 month ago

Congratulations I’m exeping twins I’m now 36 weeks plus 1 here if u want to chat xx

9 months ago

I tap into this blessing

10 months ago

How amazing! Welcome to the wonderful world of twins! My girls are 5 months old- born via emergency c section at 36 weeks. Yes it’s hard work but wouldn’t change it for the world- is this your first bubs ? If so- you will know no different. Always here to help :)

Frankston, Frankston, AU
1 year ago

Congratulations!! Good luck xx

1 year ago

I have twins it is double the work but you they are my only children so I can’t compare it toyaving one child. However twin pregnancy takes a strong woman to do it. Twin pregnancy can be a lot, I have bad morning sickness, excess saliva and I was very tired. I lost 20lbsthe first trimester. Some have good pregnancy and some don’t it depends on the pregnancy. I have csection, I had my babies 3 months early and they spent some time in the NICU. However , earlier labor is common for multiples. I don’t want to scare you but being a twin mom you feel like a super mom

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Frankston, Frankston, AU
1 year ago

3 months!!! Omg! That would have been a scary time for you. Are they okay now?

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