4 years ago

Witching hour

My sweet little Willow (7weeks old) through the day and then every night around 5pm from 5 weeks old will cry till she wears her self out and fall asleep 😴 this can be at worst case 11pm best case 6:30pm. Throughout this she can be settled by bouncing, walking, going to the shops, every night she seems to want something different but as soon as you stop it's world war 3 😫😭 last night my husband, Willow and I all cried huddled together after he read on the internet that this could last till 3 or 4 months old. Please Mummas tell me I'm not the only one?!
Witching hour

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3 months ago

Oh mama, this stage is already so hard! You three are doing a great job, just take it day by day and it will pass too! 💗 The best thing I read was to open all curtains in the morning/go outside and at nap and bed time, black out everything. Their biological clocks aren't yet developed, so it can be hard to be tired at the same time as mom and dad.. hang in there. You are doing a great job!!

9 months ago

Omg my LG is 18 weeks and omg she has a witching hour from 4pm-6pm. Absolute nightmare.

11 months ago

My little one would do this but I found it was that he was cluster feeding. He would go 4hours in the mornings and afternoons between feeds then around 5pm he would start screaming between just over an hour to every two hours for feeds up until around midnight. He then started to go between 5-7hours overnight between feeds. It was almost like he knew he was going to go a longer time without so was storing up enough to see him through the night . Is now eleven weeks old and will often go up to 8hours between feeds overnight and he is calmer over his cluster feeds and even spreads them about a bit drinking more each feed instead of as often. Hope this may help?

1 year ago

Dawwww I wonder if she knows it's time to go to sleep and she wants to spend more time with you both and is anxiety crying

1 year ago

Happiest baby on the block was the best 8$ I spent to help us get through the tough “witching” hour

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