4 years ago

Piercing your babe’s 👂 Yes or No? What do you think??
Piercing your babe’s 👂 Yes or No?

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9 days ago

Depends which ones

20 days ago

@Rachel Millard Totally agree!! But are you saying your against vaccines?

29 days ago

Definitely no. It should be their decision when they are older. If you like pierced ears, get it done on yourself. Leave babes alone .

1 month ago

No. Not until they ask for them and can consent

1 month ago

@Luisa I was also nervous about getting my babies ears pierced but I got mine pierced when I was about 3 months old and I’m happy I did. It’s part of our culture. I waited until she was 7 months old and got them done at the pediatricians office this past Sunday. Of course, she cried when it happened but other than that she’s been completely fine. I’ve been cleaning her ears with alcohol and neosporan and she doesn’t even flinch she’s just curious about the cotton balls I’ve been using. She’s been army crawling, trying to climb on things, tumbling all over the place and rolling and doesn’t have a care in the world. I’ve been more nervous and concerned than she has been. They used special earring with longer idk what they are called stems? To that the earring is not tight on her ear but won’t fall off. The only thing is that for some reason my pediatrician only does piercings for babies below a year old or children older than 10 years old. Idk why but that’s their policy.

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