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  • a year ago

Piercing your babe’s 👂 Yes or No?

https://www.elle.com/uk/life-and-culture/a22126453/stormi-webster-pierced-ears-kylie-jenner-video/ What do you think??
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  • Corpus Christi, USA
  • 23 days ago

No need for it if your kid wants to when they are older fine but making that decision for them isn’t necessary. Not toddler (or baby)gives a poop if their ears are pierced or not so why do it? It isn’t for the kids but because the parents want it. So to me it seems kinda selfish that you want your baby to wear earring. But also I had bad experience growing up having one of the holes on my ear regularly close up or get infected so I am biased.

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  • Cypress, USA
  • a month ago

I think earrings look cute on a baby, but I don't believe it's my place to put holes in her body. Plus, I think it's important to teach her to take responsibility for what she does to her own body. So when she's about 12 years old she can get them pierced if she can tell me how and when she'll care for them; and the consequences of failing to do so (like an infection). Just my opinion...

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  • a month ago

I waited until my daughter asked for earrings....we just did them and she’s 4.5 it’s her body after all

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  • a month ago

I read that it's dangerous to pierce baby's ears early. It's advised to pierce ears after they turn 6 years old. Earlobes have bunch of nerve endings. In addition, babies tend to touch the earrings and can rip them off. So, I'll wait until she turns 6 y/o or older. That's, of course, my opinion only.

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  • a month ago

No. My daughter is almost 2 and I have not gotten her ears pierced. I don’t think it’s a necessary thing for babies. Besides, I would like for her to be old enough to make that decision and have the responsibility to keep them clean. She doesn’t even let me do her hair.

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