4 years ago

Brazilian wax

Always went in for a full Brazilian wax before becoming pregnant. A little scared to do it now... anyone continue waxing down there whilst pregnant and has your pain threshold changed?
Brazilian wax

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1 year ago

I continue to get them. Haven't noticed a difference in the pain.

4 years ago

It was more painful but my hair grew back slower. But it was tolerable.

4 years ago

I went every month just like I did before getting pregnant. Granted, my peanut arrived at 36 weeks, so I didn’t experience that last month most other moms do. I used numbing spray about 20 minutes before I went in since I wasn’t sure about taking pain killer.

4 years ago

I waxed up to 2 weeks before giving birth. I was more sensitive while pregnant but it wasn’t too bad. I felt that it was easier to go for 10 mins and getting a wax then trying to shave

4 years ago

Hell yes!!! Gaaaaawd I miiiisssss getting them...

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