Brazilian wax

Always went in for a full Brazilian wax before becoming pregnant. A little scared to do it now... anyone continue waxing down there whilst pregnant and has your pain threshold changed?
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I continue to get them. Haven't noticed a difference in the pain.

I went every month just like I did before getting pregnant. Granted, my peanut arrived at 36 weeks, so I didn’t experience that last month most other moms do. I used numbing spray about 20 minutes before I went in since I wasn’t sure about taking pain killer.

I waxed up to 2 weeks before giving birth. I was more sensitive while pregnant but it wasn’t too bad. I felt that it was easier to go for 10 mins and getting a wax then trying to shave

Hell yes!!! Gaaaaawd I miiiisssss getting them...

Try sugaring!! Less painful than wax!!

To be honest I’ve never used to have the confidence to be waxed I still haven’t tried it to this day 😂

I had them religiously before getting pregnant, got out while pregnant it felt like my soul was being snatched

Been waxed twice since getting pregnant and it wasnt THAT bad if you're already used to waxing. Don't know about anyone else but it's getting hard to see/reach down there to shave anyway!

I cant even get my eyebrows waxed while pregnant lol

I couldn’t do it while pregnant. My skin got super sensitive and haven’t been able since

I’ve only gotten them while pregnant and haven’t thought they were bad

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Still haven't gone in to do it... hahah I'm slowly reaching for the razor

I did have a full Hollywood before I gave birth (I didn’t want to be shaven!)...I’m not going to lie, it HUUUURRTTT but, then, it’s over... short lived pain, you can do it 👊

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Iv been shaving and HATING it. So I'm slowly plucking up the courage to start my monthly wax again... wish me luck!

I had one before giving birth to my first and it hurt so bad. It def hurts more than before pregnancy. Sorry that doesn’t sound reassuring! I have a bikini line clipper (Remington is the brand I think)? And it’s excellent for keeping things neat and short. I think I prefer that anyway to all bare!

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Thanks for the suggestion. Iv never used any type of clippers before. Do they irritate you like shaving does after (like make you super itchy)?

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