Parenting in a multi cultural relationship

Hi mamas! Who out there is in a multi cultural relationship?😀 Do you find it affects your parenting style and have you had to compromise on things?
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I was raised in a very Mexican home but am very traditional minded and kinda melted with the American lifestyle which I love it’s my country after all I still speak Spanish and have those values but it’s not heavily influenced my husband is Christian white and traditional so I guess our traditional qualities work out well we love learning about our cultures makes life more interesting!

Got the American/Mexican mix here. It really takes having a very open and honest communication with your husband about the matter, and taking a strong stand should family want to intervene. My hub and I have already figured out which customs we are/aren’t following, and are making sure our families know WE are the ones to make that decision. My family is very traditional Mexican which causes some conflicts in them understanding American ways. It’s gotten messy at times, but has meant me having to put my foot down when my family members try to change our decisions. But little by little it’s getting easier. Have an ongoing open conversation with your husband, because new traditions (which may clash) will pop up, and don’t take it personally.

No, we have similar values, thoughts and opinions on how we want to raise our kids. However it might change a bit with experience. We are new at this so we only have the theory. I'm from Western Europe (Portuguese) big relaxed family and he is from Eastern Europe (Romanian) small family quite religious although he is not. Hopefully we stay in sync through the years.

My partner and I have many talks about we are going raise our son. He is Italian and I’m Trinidadian, so we were raised is very different. We haven't gotten into any clashes yet since our son is still a baby.

Hubby is Fijian and they are a very tentative culture, he’d an only child but I’m from a huge Aussie family and very laid back.. We have to just talk through our differences and come to an agreement. Most times I just give in because it’s he’s child too 😊

I'm polish/Algerian grew up with a very strict father and a very relaxed mom so I am quite open minded strict on religion but very thing else is up for a discussion. When I married my husband who's parents are from Afghanistan I thought that because he grew up in Europe he will be a little bit of both and open mined like me turns out his values are way more middle eastern than I thought so we have a lot of different opinions like for example the guys in his family and his friends never take their kids out coz "it's the moms job" so I have to explain to him why it's important and that other men do it etc he does love to take our kids out but his brothers make him feel weird about it like tell him that he's like a female nanny

My husband is more relaxed in comparison to me with everything

I am Cuban and my husband is black so we have a perfect little biracial girl. We haven't had any clashes that have been culturally motivated, just typical differences in parenting styles. However, I have gotten some backlash from my mother-in-law and a feeling that she doesn't want my baby to speak Spanish so SHE won't feel left out. The Cuban side of the family lives several states away so I speak to my daughter in Spanish everyday. She deserves to know both cultures she was born into!

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My ex-husband and his family didn’t want to allow me to speak Spanish with my daughter either. They didn’t want private conversations, but now my daughter speaks Spanish and is upset that they would not allow it before. You have to do what is right by your children. MIL’s are a pain. Lol

I was raised in a very American home and my sons dad in a very traditional Mexican home. It makes things difficult at times but we communicate our issues with it so we do alright I think.

Hey girl! I come from a very progressive biracial family and my husband came from a very traditional single race family, so our little girl is “double mixed” if you will. It has been a little hard to find balance between our parenting styles, as he is much more rigid and I’m a lot more laid back. We do our best to compromise on things that the other is indifferent about. For instance, I was raised going to public school, but he very much wants our daughter to go to private school. For me, I don’t mind either way so, I just roll with it. That said, it isn’t always easy and finding common ground isn’t always fun. We do our best to just remember that each one of you is doing what you truly believe is best for your child and a little give on certain things isn’t the end of the world. However, if you 100% in your heart of hearts cannot get behind a decision your husband wants to make for your child, be firm. You should not have to make MAJOR compromises to your values and beliefs.

Hey! Well I haven't given birth yet but my husband and I have been discussing this a lot in how we wish to parent our future peanut. We have already made tentative compromises on certain topics. Along with my husband and I both being biracial, my mom was born and raised in Greece and his father was born and raised in Barbados and we have our other parents being from the USA. Culturally speaking is pretty different but it's been an ongoing conversation.

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