4 years ago

I am a Boy !

Some people think my son Hunter is a girl it’s getting so bad that he has been stop 2 times in a public bathroom to go to the girls room my son who has receptive and expression speech delay ( autism spectrum) so it’s hard for him to express himself to communicate he’s a boy he leave the rest room and get me ( I wait for him by the door ) I try to take him in the bathroom with me ( women’s bathroom) but he refuses but it is difficult. I tell him whoever is in the bathroom if they say something to him to tell them I’m a boy !!! Does anyone else have suggestions? My son is in the pic ❤️
I am a Boy !

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2 months ago

My older boy is 4 and a half and people always think he’s a girl because of his long hair. My husband is Sikh so his religion requires u not to cut hair.

2 months ago

Just an idea? Mount Sinai has free pins that show what gender people identify as. He/his - she/hers - blank - pins. It's on their main floor I believe just on a table for free to take. Maybe take a few of the he /him pins and then whenever he is in public and goes to the bathroom and has delayed response to individuals to let them know he's a boy - he can just point at the pin? Could find something funky on Amazon or etsy too? A pin might work as it can just be quickly fastened and on any article of clothing

2 months ago

He’s adorable. For now, I honestly wouldn’t change a thing. My son had longer hair when he was young and was mistaken as a girl at times. No matter how “boyish” his clothes were. I say let him be him. Wear what he wants, wear his hair how he wants. When he goes to school, they will know his name and that he is a boy.

4 months ago

Oh my goodness he’s stunning 💙

4 months ago

My daughter gets this a lot. I know we could dress her in pink and put some bows on her, but I’m not willing to have her sacrifice who she is to that extent. I constantly reinforce self love and autonomy when chatting with her about it. I think we mostly have to focus on what we put in them because we can’t change the people around them.

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3 months ago

Love this comment, so true. 🙌❤️

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