• Newark, United States
  • 5 days ago

I am a Boy !

Some people think my son Hunter is a girl it’s getting so bad that he has been stop 2 times in a public bathroom to go to the girls room my son who has receptive and expression speech delay ( autism spectrum) so it’s hard for him to express himself to communicate he’s a boy he leave the rest room and get me ( I wait for him by the door ) I try to take him in the bathroom with me ( women’s bathroom) but he refuses but it is difficult. I tell him whoever is in the bathroom if they say something to him to tell them I’m a boy !!! Does anyone else have suggestions? My son is in the pic ❤️
  • E
  • CA, US
  • 5 days ago

What a gorgeous little man you have there! I would make him a little sign he can wear on a necklace or out in his pocket that says he’s a boy, of course I find it ridiculous for anyone to say anything to him at all. He’s a small child.

  • M
  • ENG, GB
  • 11 days ago

Hes so handome! 😍

  • M
  • MI, US
  • 12 days ago

He’s gorgeous ... tbh I really think you should cut his hair... it kind of annoys me how many of my brothers and sisters in our culture love to keep the hair of our sons long but really it’s neater and more etiquette to cut it short like a male.

  • K
  • Pinson, USA
  • 16 days ago

What about getting him something that says " I'm a boy " on it? Something laminated to keep in his pocket. That way if he can't express it verbally maybe he can show it to them? This was suggested to a friend of mine with a non verbal child.

  • T
  • Whitehall, United States
  • 19 days ago

Those eyes ❤️ My son also has receptive and expressive language disorder, is he in speech therapy? This could be something that could be worked on. It gets better as they get older, promise!

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