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  • Phoenix, United States
  • a year ago

How did you find out you were pregnant?

My period was late which is normal for me and I always got negative pregnancy results so I was 100% positive this time around it was going to be negative again. My SO wanted me to take the test so I did I paid no mind to the test he’s the one that looked at it it was the day before April fools and I thought his reaction was just him messing with me lol. He gave me a hug and a kiss then took me straight to the store to buy prenatal vitamins and then to barns and noble for pregnancy books lol. Tell me your story 💕
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  • ME, US
  • 8 days ago

I just felt really tired and decided to go to dollar tree and pee on a stick. I always faked him out and pretended I was pregnant to mess with him so it took a whole 20 mins for him to believe me lmao

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  • FL, US
  • 10 days ago

My husband and I were driving home and I felt really sick and I thought it was because I hadn't eaten. So, I went and bought a footlong sub from Subway ate it and then I'm through all of it up. Then I started getting sick in the mornings and went and took a test and it was very positive

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  • Maricopa, United States
  • 13 days ago

Period was late and i didnt want to take a test and i was working at a doctors office at the time and one of my coworkers had me take a test and turned positive right away i was 5 wks wen i found out

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  • Danville, United States
  • 13 days ago

I had pneumonia. I went to urgent care. They wanted to give me a chest X-ray and asked if there was a chance I was pregnant. I said sure why not. And... I was. Lol very fitting I found out that way since my husband and I are HUGE fans of The Office.

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  • Hutchinson, USA
  • 5 days ago

Send in the subs!

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  • WA, US
  • 16 days ago

I started acting like a total bitch out of the blue. which isn’t like how I usually am. figured something was up, and I was right. hormones are fun. 😂

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  • 13 days ago

Lmao me too

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