4 years ago

How did you find out you were pregnant?

My period was late which is normal for me and I always got negative pregnancy results so I was 100% positive this time around it was going to be negative again. My SO wanted me to take the test so I did I paid no mind to the test he’s the one that looked at it it was the day before April fools and I thought his reaction was just him messing with me lol. He gave me a hug and a kiss then took me straight to the store to buy prenatal vitamins and then to barns and noble for pregnancy books lol. Tell me your story 💕
How did you find out you were pregnant?

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20 days ago

Me and my boyfriend was trying for a year and then out of the blue my female dog who hates cuddles came and cuddled me she refused to put any weight on my belly plus i wanted spicy spicy food which i disnt like before hand and I took a test that day and found out I was pregnant... I took another 2 to be sure and I am intact pregnant and 12+5 weeks now 🥰🥰 congrats to all you mamma's

5 months ago

Period was late and couldn't stand the smell of the soap I had in the bathroom.

8 months ago

I used yoni pearls, before I got pregnant I wasn’t fertile at all but my purpose of buying them wasnt to get pregnant. I wanted the detox cleanse and i was informed it that it helps with heavy periods. However I didn’t get a chance to witness the help with periods. I used the pearls October 23 of 2021 and I got pregnant the first week of November 2021 The detox part felt good tho

11 months ago

My period was late and my boobs looked really different so I just knew I was pregnant !

1 year ago

For baby number two, I saw my side reflection in the toaster 😂😂 I was like, “wait! That sure looks like a baby bump.” I thought for sure I was just overreacting because of pandemic weight. And sure enough I took a test and I was preggers. 😜

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