• H
  • Phoenix, United States
  • 5 months ago

How did you find out you were pregnant?

My period was late which is normal for me and I always got negative pregnancy results so I was 100% positive this time around it was going to be negative again. My SO wanted me to take the test so I did I paid no mind to the test he’s the one that looked at it it was the day before April fools and I thought his reaction was just him messing with me lol. He gave me a hug and a kiss then took me straight to the store to buy prenatal vitamins and then to barns and noble for pregnancy books lol. Tell me your story 💕
  • O
  • Fleming Island, United States
  • a day ago

Well we had been TTC for 4 years and had several fertility treatments and trials we were in. No results so we started saving for IVF! Two months later we had picked up my step son and he was sick (and I’m SUPER susceptible to getting sick when the kids are) and I got sick basically the next day. Didn’t feel good, no energy, nauseous and this went on for about a week before And my step son was fine by then his bug lasted bout 48 hours so I was like ok this is weird. Told my husband to pick up a test while he was at the store and he didn’t want to because all the negatives we are use to getting. He came back, I took it and I looked at it like 🤨👀 I’m seeing things just put it down it’s negative and look at it later. I pulled up my pants and picked it up and looked again and sure as shit two dark ass lines! I was in COMPLETE disbelief. I showed my husband and he kept saying no.....no.... no.... (out of shock that we actually got a yes! Like no this isn’t really happening?!??????)

  • K
  • Auburn, USA
  • 6 days ago

****TMI Story**** My SO and I were having sex and I was on top and all of sudden my breast started leaking colostrum😂 we finished up I took a pregnancy test what normally takes 3 min until the result comes. For me it just said pregnant😂 made a Dr appointment found out I was 5 months pregnant.

  • A
  • Halifax, Canada
  • 25 days ago

We were trying with both pregnancies so much less of a story lol. Started testing every few days on around day 24 of my cycle and finally got a +. The first i was home it was super light and my husband wouldn’t tell his family until a few days later when I took one that was darker in case it was wrong. Second I was visiting my mom and texted my husband at work. We were happy both times obviously.

  • J
  • La Mesa, United States
  • a month ago

I have a very irregular period. I felt something was off, mainly my boobs... i took 2 test at the same time... while I was washing my hands they both said positive.. not even a minute later. I was in denial for a while, I only knew him 3 months when I found out I was pregnant.... 3 years later were married.

  • S
  • Rockaway, United States
  • a month ago

my period was late, but whenever it was and i took a test it’d be negative so i was sure it would be the same thing again. it was like 4 am one morning because i was up late doing some online work & when i was done i went to the bathroom and threw up out of nowhere. took a test the next morning, and yup! it was positive lmao

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