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Anyone go to college online or in class while having LO's? Advice?? I'm looking to go, im just scared cause I know it's going to be hard... I'm 19, I have two little boys 2 and under. I'm married, but my husband works 5 days a week from 6-5. Going to college would change our whole lives in the long run.
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I’m a SAHM, but I take classes at Oregon State University’s eCampus program. I live in Pennsylvania, but they have a ton of majors that are 100% online. Having a kid makes it harder, and classes being online you have to really motivate yourself, but it’s definitely doable. I have about 1 year to go till I’ll have earned my bachelors 😊

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I go to uni, I’m currently doing my HND, then will be doing a top up year to get my full degree. I’m on my first of 3 years in education since doing my GCSE’s 8 years ago. My LO is almost 2. I study full time, parent full time, and work part time. I’m on my own from 7am to 9pm Monday to Friday, then work Saturdays. It’s definitely doable, just make sure you have a good support system and childcare in place. Don’t forget to make time for you though, it would be next to impossible to juggle it all if you were stressing too much.

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I went to college online starting when my son was a baby and graduating with a bachelors degree when he was 5. It’s hard but you can do it if you want to. That said, make sure that it makes sense to do it. I now have $80,000 in student debt and despite moving to a better area with more opportunities and applying to literally hundreds of jobs that I am now qualified for (requiring a degree) I have not ever received a job offer that required a degree. After years of staying up late and studying after working a full time job all day (and being a single mom) I still work for about the same wage I did before I went to college, only now I have student loans. For me, it was a mistake to spend my time, effort and money to go to college. For you, depending on your field of study, it might make sense. Just weigh and the pros and cons and decide if it’s worth it in your situation.

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How about those that have multiple children? I would like to hear success stories or how they made it work without going completely insane. I have 4 children, ranging from 10mo to 6yr. I have the drive and feel the need to go back but I’m just dreading how things will be without any family support. I want to stay positive in hoping to attain this goal.....

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You can do it 😊😊😊

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