Toddler eating books.

My son is 2 1/2. He likes sleeping with books but lately he has been EATING them. This is the second book with bites in it. He has all his teeth so he is not teething and he does not chew on books during the day. Any ideas?
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Ok I dont mean to bash your parenting cause life happens and this is probably one of the funniest things I've seen here lol... but how do you let it get this bad? Why not take away the books? He may cry but if you dont stop him soon he may end on an episode on TLC 😅

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This is only the second time. He does not get books in bed now. It’s a little bit of a fight but he is starting to get the idea that he doesn’t get books in bed. We are getting him a teething toys for kids that chew on things in case it is a sensory thing.

He needed a lil more fiber in his diet lol

If the only way he’ll fall asleep is with books around him then just take them out after he’s asleep. Talk to your dr about all of this and perhaps up his vitamin intake. It will take a little while to break the habit. And get your husband on the same page as you. He can’t be going behind your back to give into your babies behaviors. You’re the parents. You’re the ones in charge. It may take a few crying nights and meltdowns but it’s for his own health. I’d rather my child cry his eyes out then eat books and let that turn into something worse. You’ve got this momma.

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If anybody goes in his room when asleep he will pop up like a prairie dog. I was able to take out most of the toys. The few left are night light animal and music players which help him self sooth which I’m fine with. He even gave up his book tonight before bed after not wanting to at first. We are also looking for a decent multi vitamin for him.

Don’t give him books in his crib/bed

I hope I don’t get judged 😭😂 but when I was around 4-6 I used to eat wet tissue, I could eat a whole roll until I was sick one day and Mum noticed blue roll 🤣 I think it’s a vitamin deficiency so I’d get it checked out xx

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What about those bath time books? Or the cloth books that crinkle when you move it around?? I’ll attach a picture

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Yea I was thinking about these.

Omg NoOo 😳😷 I would never let it get that far. That is so toxic for the baby

Even though you say he isn’t teething maybe you could give him a teething toy designed for toddlers if he needs to chew to soothe himself. No more books unsupervised and remove the toys once he’s asleep.

my son bites on books too...

And there was a very hungry 🐛 You should def not let anything inside his crib anymore, specially books, he can choke on pieces of it, and letting other things inside the crib will encourage this chewing behavior. Just let him sleep w his blanket or how he normally sleeps. No toys inside cribs!

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Yea. We tried one night of no books and he had a meltdown. He had books in his crib for almost 2 months and never had an issue. This is a new behavior. We have a ton of toys in his crib. I try to take some out saying there is too many but my husband puts them back in.

How did it get this far? You should watch him around books 🤷🏽‍♀️

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It was night. He has never even tried to put a book in his mouth during the day and the books at night helped calm him down and he went to sleep easier. This is a new behavior.

Aww how’s his tummy doing? Did he spit out the pieces or swallowed them?

It's referred to as pica. I'd speak to your doctor about it. Sometimes, it's craving vitamins, but it could be sensory or a vast majority of things.

sometimes when we crave something like cardboard, dirt or some other strange craving could be a lack of vitamins make sure he is getting all his vitamins

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He eats pretty healthy but some days can be picky. Maybe we need to get him a multi vitamin. Thank you for the idea.

My daughter eats anything cardboard it’s so annoying 😂🙈 She hid a piece of her book under the rug had eaten..found it when I was cleaning 🤦🏽‍♀️ some days I wonder how she’s got room for any tea 😂

We went through that phase. Whenever I left a book in my daughter’s crib, it came out with bite marks. I just had to stop leaving her unattended with books for a few months. She chewed on her crib instead. 🙄 It must be boredom or something. My son did it too for awhile.

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My daughter too 🤣🤣

Kids 😂😂😂

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