2 years ago


Hi mommas! I just gave birth to my precious boy late Monday night and ending up having to get an episiotomy, as well as a level 3 tear on top of that. I was wondering if any of you had similar experiences and what seemed to help most. I did ice the first 24 hours, i’m using dermoplast, a peri bottle,ibuprofen every 6 hours, & am trying sitz baths but the shower head has been easier cause it’s hard to sit all the way. Just looking for any other recommendations or anything that helped you with tears & peri pain.

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10 months ago

I had a episiotomy on 3rd and sitting in a hard bath can be uncomfortable at times. Lying down is OK but I also tend to sit on my knees/feet and splash the water up which helps and that way I know its clean. Only issue I had was coughing afterwards that hurt like a b****h 😂 it's start to itch which means it's healing thank goodness

2 years ago

My first baby I had an episiotomy and the salt baths helped me I had three quick ones a day the soaking really really helps! It was a slow process and to be honest even at my six week checkup I was still a bit tender! Passing my first poop was excruciating :( I won’t ever forget that!!!

2 years ago

Really thin pads and change often ... I found the bigger they were the more they irritated me. Drink tonnes and tonnes of water! X

2 years ago

Not from experience personally as I’m still pregnant but I’ve heard good things about the brand myexpertmidwife they have a spritz for bits spray for helping after delivery, I’m going to order some ready for myself just in case 🤞🏼 x

2 years ago

Congratulations he is beautiful hope mum and baby are well 💙

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