4 years ago

Who cares?

Today I finally did it! I put on my swimsuit at the hotel we are staying and went swimming with my daughter & husband. 👙I’m not feeling confident in my suit - at all! I’m the heaviest I’ve ever been and just not where I want to be , physically, and I always worry about being too pale, but I DID IT!!! Who cares what people think? It was fun and my family was so happy I joined them! Us Mamas have got to be kinder to ourselves!! ! Don’t miss the fun! Get in the pool! 👊🏻 And after, I ate pasta & drank wine- so screw it! Life is too short! Lol 😂
Who cares?

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1 month ago

I am self conscious too and it’s hard not to compare myself to another mama. I wore a one piece to my husbands cousins bbq and played with my daughter in the pool. There was no one to compare to but I didn’t feel comfy in a two piece bikini. It’s odd because I have an average size body. I feel like as a mom, I have no right to be sexy anymore. I feel like it’s indecent to wear a bikini. His cousins didn’t care though. Like another response said, I was fighting another battle. I am glad at the end you enjoyed your party. I did ok that day fighting my own battle too

Fordham, New York, US
1 month ago

@Stacy Love this, wear the outfit, the bathing suit, eat the food, drink the wine. BE HAPPY that's all your family cares about. I'm 70 lbs heavier than I was pre baby and trying my hardest to get back before it's too late I get diabetes. I'm not confident in my weight but i wear the 2 piece bathing suits and the crop tops because i careless what someone else thinks of me. Way to go mama

5 months ago

Be kinder to ourselves! I like that

8 months ago

I look back on thinking I was heavy... 25 pounds ago haha

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5 months ago

I’ve done the same. So many times!

1 year ago

I always worry about looking too pale as I'm a natural red head. I've put on weight too 🙈. As I have got older I care a bit less but it's always embedded in my brain x

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