Baby Trumpet

When I was pregnant, everyone warned me about how much babies poop and cry. Not one person told me how much babies fart! Does anyone else have a baby that was born with a little trumpet?
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My little one is constantly fluffing!! 🤣

I think the question is always, has baby pooped or, not pooped? Lets just check your nappy just in case 🙊🙈

I have a little tootster as well.

😂😂 yes!!! My daughter farts so much I think it’s so cute!!

My girl is 3 & it's a running joke that her husband better have no sense of smell. She farts a few dozen times a day

My son will fart and it tricks us into thinking he’s pooped. I’m surprised how loud they are but he just laughs when he farts

Ohhh yes. It actually really good if they do. It means there GI track is working and you don’t have worry about acid reflux or gas build up. My LO is a champ at passing gas and I am so happy

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My son throws whoppers but he still ended up with acid reflux ☹️. Thankfully he’s grown out of it for the most part. But the farts keep coming!

Haha this was me when my LG was born I just thought she was a gassy newborn but no at 15 months she is one gassy little lady 😂

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Yup my son is 7 months and still shocks me with his!

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