2 years ago

Let’s talk puberty!

My daughter will be turning 8 on the 7th! And y’all I’m so not ready to give her the “talk” 😂 but she’s been asking me a lot of questions. I’ve also noticed that she’s growing and growing meaning the tatas and ya know down there! 😂 If you mamas have girls, how did you come about the topic? I ain’t ready for this shit! 😂😂😂😂
Let’s talk puberty!

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Charlotte, North Carolina, US
7 months ago

We’ve got the American girl one.

1 year ago

Highly recommend reading the Caring and keeping of you books 1 & 2. I gave her the option of reading on her own or reading together. We read to together and stopped to ask questions along the way. She was very prepared for health Ed class this past year when they talked about puberty. She thanked me because she wasn’t embarrassed or nervous like other students in the class.

1 year ago

I have this exact book! Definitely helped with my 9 year old and getting ready to have the talk with my 8 year old. They are already so curious and don’t mind asking so I had to approach it with the same energy. It’s no secret that their bodies are changing and I had to just woman up and open up 😩

1 year ago

My daughters are soon to be 9 and 7 this year, we have had conversations about periods and boobs ect I always used the fraze " we need to look after our self " and self care so its kinda there already but I think we need to have another chat but not to indeth, I'm quite open, even as a child I was although my mother never had any kind of chats with me. I think for me at the moment I need to no more on how to deal with mood swings and emotions? Any book that could help me and the girls? X

1 year ago

My daughter is starting to grow in both parts but slowly. She's 9 and kinda understands when I get mine but I started at 14. I think she might start close to 11 but not certain. Her half sister on her dad's side started at 11. Does anyone have advice on how to deal with mood swings or emotions during the 1st week they start?

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