• C
  • Salisbury, United Kingdom
  • 2 years ago

Tummy time!

Any tips on how to do tummy time? I keep trying with my little girl,she’s 9 weeks and she just can’t get to grips with it! She just face plants the floor..🤦🏼‍♀️
  • R
  • WI, US
  • 4 months ago

Mirrors....they love seeing themselves and hence pick their neck more

  • F
  • NH, US
  • 8 months ago

Just keep working at it. My daughter hated it. But it’s for their own good. Just a few minutes at a time

  • D
  • Greece, USA
  • a year ago

I have 3 kids and only 1 liked tummy time. So I personally think it was overrated. My 2 kids who refused to do tummy time were early walkers. My son who did tummy time didn't walk till after his first birthday.

  • A
  • Sanibel, USA
  • a year ago

The only thing that works for me at that time was a tummy time pillow

  • J
  • Remus, United States
  • a year ago

My son is 5 months and is just starting to get better at tummy time over the past month. Before then, he would just lie on his face and give up on life, refusing to use his arms in any way or move his face. It was so hard letting him cry for the few minutes I'd have him do it each time. He still doesn't love it, but will sometimes tolerate it for a bit. We probably didn't do it quite as much as we should have because he hated it so much, but he has great head control and can lift himself up with his arms while on his belly, so he's still doing fine. I found that using something you elevate his chest just a little helped some, just so he wasn't right on his face. A small rolled up towel or blankie works, though I used my pregnancy belly wedge since it was so small and fit him much better than a Boppy when he was that small.

  • A
  • ENG, GB
  • 3 months ago

‘Give up on life’ 😂 I can so relate! Sometimes I give up because I haven’t got the stomach to sit through the tears

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