How do you do tummy time?

Any tips on how to do tummy time? I keep trying with my little girl, she’s 9 weeks and she just can’t get to grips with it! She just face plants the floor..🤦🏼‍♀️
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I was so worried because my now 13 month old could not stand tummy time. It was like the end of the world. So we didn’t do it much. What we did do is a lot of sitting up holding and baby wearing. She is strong as ever❤️

Mirrors....they love seeing themselves and hence pick their neck more

Just keep working at it. My daughter hated it. But it’s for their own good. Just a few minutes at a time

I have 3 kids and only 1 liked tummy time. So I personally think it was overrated. My 2 kids who refused to do tummy time were early walkers. My son who did tummy time didn't walk till after his first birthday.

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I have read it somewhere that tummy time was brought in as babies sit in carriers,chairs,walkers now more than ever.I guess before they usued to spend all their time on the floor.

The only thing that works for me at that time was a tummy time pillow

My son is 5 months and is just starting to get better at tummy time over the past month. Before then, he would just lie on his face and give up on life, refusing to use his arms in any way or move his face. It was so hard letting him cry for the few minutes I'd have him do it each time. He still doesn't love it, but will sometimes tolerate it for a bit. We probably didn't do it quite as much as we should have because he hated it so much, but he has great head control and can lift himself up with his arms while on his belly, so he's still doing fine. I found that using something you elevate his chest just a little helped some, just so he wasn't right on his face. A small rolled up towel or blankie works, though I used my pregnancy belly wedge since it was so small and fit him much better than a Boppy when he was that small.

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“Give up on life” 🤣🤣🤣

‘Give up on life’ 😂 I can so relate! Sometimes I give up because I haven’t got the stomach to sit through the tears

Tummy time is essential for learning have baby do tummy time on you it still counts plus its bonding time read baby a story or whatever lol. But baby needs to do it to get head control and other functions. Eventually baby eill be able to hold head up the more she does it. Even as i said if you put her on you while she does it thats how my daughter did most her tummy time in the beginning

Put a mirror against the wall in front of her. If you have a breastfeeding pillow you can prop her over it like under her arms (hover at first to make sure she doesn’t face plant). Looking in the mirror is big time incentive, babies love it!

Tummy time isn’t necessarily to prevent flat head. It may help but it’s not the main reason. It prepares the baby for crawling and it is very important to do. I did not do much tummy time with my current baby and she is now seven months old and cannot crawl yet (not even close). With my first two I did tummy time a lot and they both were crawling by six months.

Tummy time cushions really help! My daughter didn’t like it at first but we used to get her to do tummy time for 2-3 mins and then stop. With time she started loving it- think it just takes time and patience. Helps to get to their eye level and give a lot of encouragement.

I don't have any advice because we're struggling with our boy hating tummy time too, but.. omg that onesie. Where did you get it? It's so cute

Just keep trying! Mine did that at the start, absolutely hated tummy time. So I only did it for one min at a time and slowly it built up. She only likes tummy time now as she is trying so hard to crawl

It’s actually more respectful to the baby if you place her on her back and let her roll over on her own when she is ready. The flat-head thing is mostly a myth and is really caused by putting a child in a car-seat or bouncer/swing for too long, all of which restrict head movement. When a baby is laying on her back, she turns her head from side to side frequently enough not to cause flat-head. I have a toddler and a 9-month-old. Never did “tummy time” on the floor until they could roll over on their own. Neither had even the slightest bit of “flat head”. I did place them on my chest tummy-down, especially for skin-to-skin bonding during newborn stage and then later just for snuggles. :)

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I use the boppy or a rolled up recovering blanket to prop under/across their chest. It's suppose to lift them off the ground and encourage them to lift their head instead of let it hang.

My daughter hates tummy time. She has rolled over a few times but she can’t quite grasp the fact that rolling over is how you get out of the tummy time. Lol anyways just recently a friend got her a Minnie Mouse pillow pet from Disneyworld and the past few days I have laid her front half of her body on that and she loves it!

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Hi! I am doing tummy time with my son (6mos) about 20min per day but before he hated it so I used to just lay him on my chest before/after nursing and throught the day. And he loved..it lifting his head to look in my eyes and hear me talking to him and those around me. Language is so important to babies! I couldn't stand to put him on his tummy on the floor just to have him cry. So this really worked for me. Now he enjoys it independently and it's the first thing he does at 7:30AM while I make coffee😜

When my little guy was younger my only success was leaning back in a recliner and him being on my chest. The stronger he got the more he was willing to spend some tummy time on the floor!

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This is what I did! I think it’s the best way to do “tummy time” respectfully (if you believe it is necessary). ;)

I did a lot as a newborn on my stomach so he wouldn’t go into the carpet. I would also just hold his chin up for him when I did put him on the floor. Then I always picked him up as soon as he didn’t like it only because I felt it would help him hate it less.

When I was trying to do tummy time with my babe she would like it more when she was on my side. I was laying down on whichever side was comfortable and she was right on my bum. She loved it. Or a pillow like the boppy would help with some toys in front

To be honest I started tummy time for my son only around 10 weeks. I would put him on me until then after a feed and he would push up against my chest. But now he likes tummy time on his playmat, I get on the floor with him as well and he laughs a lot! Toys help as well.

My son was the same, except he’d scream. I’d put him on my chest and he’d look up to have a chat with me

We started by putting her on the boppy. I know some babies hate tummy time, but to avoid the flat head and helmet, I think you just have to have them deal for a bit. My baby loves tummy time, but sometimes shes just not having it. When that's the case, she will end up crying herself to sleep in just a few minutes.

You can have her on top of you and that also helps . My lo hated tummy time but I kept him on top of me on my stomach and he would practice that way lifting his head

Tummy time Matt !! They’re amazing and how I got my son to enjoy it !

Put some toys that she can easily reach. A mirror is also excellent as she will want to see the “other baby” in front of her lol She’s a cutie! 😊

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Thank you I’ll give the mirror a try! She loves staring at herself haha! Thank you ☺️

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