4 years ago

Winner winner, chicken dinner! 🍗🌮🥗

Anyone LOVE to cook?? I really enjoy it. I don’t know that I’m super good at it, but I love being in the kitchen. It’s almost a little break for me. And I just love feeding my family healthy (most of the time) meals. Most of my friends eat out 4-5x a week. They think I’m crazy for cooking so much! Who’s with me?? Anyone?? What’s your fave meal to cook for your family?
Winner winner, chicken dinner! 🍗🌮🥗

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4 months ago

I love cooking knowing its good for you and your baby...

1 year ago

I’m with ya girl!

1 year ago

Where does everyone find good recipes? I need some new ones!

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1 year ago

I find most of mine from tasty and things like that on Facebook !

North Menomonie, Wisconsin, US
1 year ago

This looks yummy!

3 years ago

I need help with my cooking but i love to bake but my husband does most of the cooking but i will need to do it now since I am going to be a stay at home wife and mom

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