Gender scan today 🙊

We had our gender scan today and we are over the moon! We just to buy a teddy with the heart beat in ❤️ we are having a baby girl 🙊😍👶🥰
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Awww I have one of those bears. It’s a lovely sound 💖💖💖


Congratulations xx


Congratulations 😃 xx


ooo thats a good idea...the heartbeat teddy. Congrats!❤


Oh wow! A huge congratulations!! Took me 3 and half years to conceive after an ectopic! I wish you all the best, you deserve it 🥰x

Congrats!!!! 😁 I have 3 weeks to go until I can find out what we're having. So excited! ❤

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Literally don't care one iota as long as he/she/it is healthy. Lol It look me 11 years to conceive. I could be having a damned kitten for all I care and I'd be thrilled! 😹

Thank you 😁 any preference or just happy with a healthy baby? X


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Thank you :)

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