Do you see a line?

I’m Not due for my period for another five days, I am moody though and I’ve been whiney lately. I also started feeling nauseous this morning. So I took a test. I’ve taken three a blue a pink and a digital. Both pink and blue have a faint line but digital said not pregnant. What do you guys think? This is second time around and first baby was a very bright plus sign.
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I see a line

You’re pregnant! That happened to me too. Clear blue is not sensitive I don’t ever recommend them. I was confused so went for blood test to confirm and was. Congrats!

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I am going in for my blood test today I’m very excited 😊

How long did it take you to get the results from the doctor?

I see a line

I see it! Congrats

Your pregnant congratulations xx

Yip I see it too. Emily hit the nail on the head. Congratulations xx

I see it 🥰

What she said 👆🏽

I see a line!!! Hope it’s what you been waiting for 🙌🏾

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Yes! I’m hoping so but why would clear blue say not pregnant?

Digitals need more hcg to show positive. The standard line ones take 25 but digitals take 50. You’re probably just too early for a positive in digital.

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