2 years ago

When should I start getting the nursery ready?

I have yet to get started on my nursery, when did ya’ll set yours up? Any recommendations for finding good second hand nursery furniture?
When should I start getting the nursery ready?

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28 days ago

As soon as you like. I'm always so excited, I put the bassinet up at a few months .

3 months ago

When they are atleast 1? It's recommended to share a room until then to prevent SIDS

6 months ago

I was brought up feeling the same, so I had everything I wanted saved on wish lists n watched for when deliveries would be if I ordered them. I had a baby shower so many items were gifted to me n saved at my relatives until after the baby arrived. We didn’t really need much set up or purchased before the baby arrived because he stayed in our room until he was a few mths old. Hubby was happy to have extra time after to decorate the baby room.

12 months ago

Set up at 32 weeks and the cleaned all the clothes and sheets at 34 weeks. I spent most of week 32 in the hospital for pre term labor. Christmas weekend we washed everything. And made the bed and put a sheet on the bassinet just in case the baby came early

1 year ago

We did the majority of ours after the 12 weeks mark, painted all the walls and ceiling and had carpets cleaned, all the things you don't want to be doing while heavily pregnant but stiffly to find time and energy to do in the first few months of having a baby. I'm 33 weeks and everything is ready, baby will be in the basket in my room to start anyway but I don't want to be trying to do it when it's here x

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