Next week is my first ultrasound!

Hoping to get confirmation of how far I am along. I think 7 weeks.
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I’m also 7 weeks! I have nothing like this level of bump (bit jealous) so based on myself I’d say you might be further along...but everyone’s different aren’t they!

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I can’t wait to find out next week!

Probably just bloat, baby is in your pelvis until 12 weeks + tucked waaaay deep below, they aren’t that high yet. My bloating went down around week 14 then baby made an appearance around week 18. Congratulations!

You could just be bloated from being pregnant it happens in the beginning to some people it happened to me :) it goes down you loose weight and then you’ll gain it all back and more 🙃 but congrats!!

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Thank you love!

This is me! I went for my dating scan and it’s twins 😂

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How’s your nausea? That was my give away.

Omgggggg everyone keeps saying that to me! I am FREAKING!

Me at 7 weeks but I was and am still big boned

Aww I was 7 weeks when fount out I was pregnant with my rainbow ❤🌈


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Thank you!!

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