Returning to work. What helps with anxiety?

I’ve just been told that I need to come into work starting tomorrow and I’ve been on maternity leave since january and because of covid-19 I haven’t been back since. When I was told I felt such a large pit in my stomach and I just wanted to cry. I’ve had really bad anxiety ever since he was born and I’ve always dreaded the moment I would have to be back at work. He’ll be with my husband so I know he’s in good hands its just we’re so different. I know my baby the best. I know his cues and all of his different cries. Not to say my husband doesn’t its just idk. I’ve never been away from my boy unless I was out getting groceries. What has your experience like when you went back to work? What helped with the anxiety?
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What helped the most was being very honest with my husband. He answered all of my calls, gave me every update, and sent pictures/videos. Gradually I grew more comfortable over time. Hope he’s super supportive and understanding for you ❤️

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was your baby always with him or did you eventually go to daycare?

We eventually had to transition to daycare for scheduling reasons. This was hard but somewhat easier because he was older which helped me.

I have PPA and haven’t gone back to work yet but I know it will be so hard. I also feel like I know my baby and her needs much better than my partner who will be taking care of her so I’m so nervous to leave her. I’d be a SAH mom if I could. Hope you’re doing well coping with it, just know you’re not alone and lots of other mamas are in the same situation ❤️

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It definitely wasn’t easy. I love my husband and I know he’s capable of taking care of our son its just sometimes I know my son wants me over my husband and I have to swallow the urge to grab him and just let my husband calm him so they have a bond as well but I’m terrified of that happening when I have to take him to daycare and he’s just crying waiting for me to comfort him. I wish I could be a SAHM too. Thank you so much though ❤️ it’ll just take time.

I had PPA super bad after I had my daughter in November. I was on maternity leave for 3 months and I was VERY emotional the first week I went back to work, but it becomes a habit and it starts to feel normal. She was only in daycare for a month & a half before COVID-19 happened and I’ve been home with her for 2 months now. You are going to miss him and it is going to be an emotional roller coaster, but in time, it will start to feel normal and you’ll have something to look forward to at the end of everyday. Try to stay positive and remember that it’s okay to take a moment to breathe, cry, whatever. You are absolutely not the only mom who feels this way. Ask dad to send you lots of pictures and videos throughout the day💕

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I feel like I have PPA. Its a terrible feeling honestly. I went home for lunch today and I heard him babbling as soon as I opened the door and I wanted to immediately cry. Coming home to him is definitely the best feeling. Thank you for the advice ❤️

I’m just wanting to post to say how absolutely stunning you are! Jeez Louise, you should be a model! Your baby is super cute too. xx

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Thank you Jenny, thats so sweet ❤️

Just do it. Can't think about it too much. I scrolled through lots of pictures at work when we first started daycare with my little. The daycare we have our daughter at has an app that allows you to see when and how much baby eats, pottys, sleeps all that. So maybe have your husband send you some pictures and updates throughout the day. 🌻 You got this, good luck!!

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That is such a cool feature to have at a daycare. I love that.

That happened to me. I hated being told I had to start working so soon when they told me I’d have more time off. Just take it one day at a time. I texted and called on my breaks to check on baby 👶 and eventually I didn’t miss baby as much as I had. My daughter was happy to see me when I got home and I was happy to be providing for her.

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Getting pictures and updates has definitely helped me through the day. This morning was so rough, it’ll get better though.

Going back to work is such a tough transition, but it’s totally doable! For me, it helped to find little things to enjoy about the work day (maybe seeing your coworkers again, or even just interacting with adults? Enjoying a cup of coffee? Etc) I also liked having a plan. I was EBF and going to be pumping, so I was very prepared for that. It helps to get updates and pictures throughout the day too! Being reunited at the end of the day is the best!! Hang in there, mama! Give it a little time and you’ll feel better!💕

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Thank you so much! Seeing other people definitely made it not as bad. Can’t wait to go home and cuddle my munchkin.

Adorable mom n son

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thank you ❤️

If there is any way to change things so you can stay with baby that might be what’s best if that’s how you’re feeling! Make it a family priority or goal. Also, you and baby are gorgeous! Congrats !

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I wish that was possible but I’m in the army and my maternity leave is up so what they say goes. And thank you so much ❤️

Thank you for your service!

Cute pic

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Your welcome

thank you!

We are so spoiled in Canada and get 18mths....after my first baby I found the first day was the hardest for me and my daughter was left with my mom who is the next closest thing to me and I still worried!!!! I missed her terribly but she was fine!!!! I am gone about 14hrs a day so to me it seemed like forever till I could get home to her

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18 months would be a dream. I would be a sahm if I could be. You’re so strong because 14hrs is not easy.

I totally understand! I think it just gets better with time. I go back to work next week as well and I'm hoping my husband can stay home with our newborn and we can take the 3 year old to daycare. But it is hard, and I wish maternity leave was longer, like 6 months!

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thank you! and it really is. 6 months of maternity leave should be standard 😂

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