2 years ago

When did you first leave your baby overnight?

I’m in a bridal party and the bachelorette is in August, which will require a long flight and 2-3 days away from my baby. He’ll be 6 months old then and I’m already having anxiety about it. He’s almost 3 months now. Please tell me it gets a little easier leaving them when they get older? I want to be able to enjoy myself, but I’m afraid I’ll just worry about him the entire time!
When did you first leave your baby overnight?

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1 month ago

Mine are 5 and 3 and I've never left them. But my family are in another country and my in laws are not the babysitting kind

2 months ago

My first was 3 weeks old and he stayed with my mother in law.. had the best sleep. I won't be doing it with my second but that's for various reasons and not because I don't trust them xx

2 months ago

2.5 and haven't spent a night away.

3 months ago

My son is 3 years old and I still have not.

5 months ago

I wish I could just go and party somewhere lol, babying is overwhelming. Sorry for being off topic but I like your post🙂

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