3 years ago

When did you first leave your baby overnight?

I’m in a bridal party and the bachelorette is in August, which will require a long flight and 2-3 days away from my baby. He’ll be 6 months old then and I’m already having anxiety about it. He’s almost 3 months now. Please tell me it gets a little easier leaving them when they get older? I want to be able to enjoy myself, but I’m afraid I’ll just worry about him the entire time!
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3 months ago

Mine started around 5 weeks at my parents probably once a week, sometimes twice. We formula feed so it was much easier and I knew the longer we waited to have him stay elsewhere the harder it would be for us!

last year

uh the weekend concert for work. with his dad (we were separated). Not worth it

last year

Our DS was 1 the 5th October, and he's still not had a sleep over, just thinking of it gives me anxiety....me mam is staying at ours next week so we can go away for the night but even then we will be putting him to bed ourselves, think it just depends on how you feel, but you should go for it and enjoy your self, before it gets harder to leave them

last year

Mine are 5 and 3 and I've never left them. But my family are in another country and my in laws are not the babysitting kind

last year

My first was 3 weeks old and he stayed with my mother in law.. had the best sleep. I won't be doing it with my second but that's for various reasons and not because I don't trust them xx

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