Brownwood, Texas, US
2 years ago

Trying to stay strong

Going home today... without Damian 💔 trying not to cry, trying not to feel or think. It's so weird to be going home not pregnant and not with a baby in my arms. It's heartbreaking to have to just walk away from my lil teddy bear who was essentially a part of my body for months 💔💔
Trying to stay strong

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7 months ago

I get it. My daughter was born at 33 weeks in the nicu for a month. I remember just going home and sitting at the table pumping with tears running down my face. It is so hard! You’ll get into the habit of driving to the nicu every day or multiple times a day. It’s so sad being away from your baby but you just have to get through each day a day at a time and think each day is a day you are closer to bringing him home with you. ❤️ Feel free to message me if you ever need to talk.

8 months ago

You’ll be all back together in no time and it will all be worth it , my twins was born 29 weeks, single pregnancys both born 31 and 32 weeks I don’t know any different all my babies are born early I can’t make it full term no idea why I just go into labour early I haven’t had anything else so Nicu and my babies not being home with me is my normal I’m used to it by now after 4 babies being the same I’m now pregnant again so I’ll be going through the same again , wish you all the best 🖤

1 year ago

I feel you. My baby boy was born at 38w3d but he had blood sugar issues then he was jaundice. He was in the NICU for 5 days. So I know how you feel

1 year ago

Omg I’m so sorry !!!

2 years ago

I’m sorry 😐 Hope you can find healing after this situation.

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