We set up the crib🥺

Still got 3 months till our baby boy is here but me and hubby were so excited that we decided to set the crib up already. Its made having a baby really hit me now & got me teary eyed. I am so excited! 💙
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Congratulations! Please research the risks of a sleepyhead before you make the decision to use them. I can never not comment when I see one as my friend actually lost her little one due to him napping in one of these and I would hate for someone else to join the awful statistic unnecessarily 😥 Some people swear by them but personally I wouldn’t add any unnecessary risk. Sorry for the negative post but some people aren’t aware of the risks that’s all. Hope the rest of your pregnancy goes well and congratulations again - being a Mam is just amazing. Xxx

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I think you’ve put this really well. So often advice like that comes across as judgemental and condescending but this isn’t at all. ❤️ so sorry for you friends loss, that’s heartbreaking. Xxx

Thank you ! It’s a hard one because I understand why people would sometimes want them - I have nearly 4 month old twins so I understand the need for sleep as much as the next person ! It’s just some people don’t believe the risks that’s all and I’ve seen it first hand so I can’t help but always comment. 😥 Thank you for your comment though I was really trying not to ruin her excited bubble xxx

So adorable dear and Congratulations again!!!

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Thankyou so much!!❤️

I absolutely understand people's comments on the sleepyhead but they can be used safely....my daughter wouldn't sleep in her bedside crib and would only sleep on my chest or in bed with me which obviously has a lot of risks, so she sleeps in a sleep head, we do use a breathing monitor at night also which for me is an absolute must have! We use the snuza hero which clips on to the nappy xx

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That’s your decision if you understand the risks. I think I’m passionate about it because my friends little boy died whilst napping in one. It’s not just about them breathing it’s about the air circulation of carbon dioxide that they’ve exhaled and then re-inhaled instead of inhaling oxygen. I am all for everyone having a choice so I wouldn’t judge but I absolutely comment about the risks whenever I see one because I would hate for someone else to go through what my friend went through. It’s all for safety and not for judgement. X

I completely understand, for us it is still safer than co-sleeping but you're right I wouldn't of used it if I could of helped it xx

Settling up the crib is so exciting!!! Made it real for us too, ☺️❤️ seeming where baby would be sleeping just makes it hit home. I love the outfit by the way. ❤️❤️

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Ahh thankyou so much! I know it’s such an amazing feeling, i just want him to come out now haha❤️

Hina, realised I haven’t even commented to say congratulations so sorry!! I hope you’re well 🥰 such exciting times 🤭♥️

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