How many times should you be doing it a week/ month to fall faster or greater your chances at falling pregnant?

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Every second day, as every can deminish sperm count. My husband and I tried for a couple of months every second day, no success. Then only managed to try once during peak the next month and fell pregnant with twins. ☺️

Thanks everyone for your tips will try :)

Oooh! This is the first I’m hearing of delaying a bit due to sperm quality. This is my first month TTC so I’ve been baby dancing more frequently. However if we’re unsuccessful this month, I’ll take these tips into consideration for sperm quality concerns. But I’m following what’s recommended as mentioned here, “To maximize your chances of getting pregnant, you should be having sex as often as you like during your fertile window, which is the 4-5 days approaching ovulation and the 1 day following it. Sex during the rest of your cycle, including the luteal phase and your period, is highly unlikely to result in pregnancy, but if you’re into it anyway, you should go for it!” Sending a ton of baby dust everyone’s way 💫

Every 2/3 days. Enjoy it, don’t stress and it will happen I know it is easier said than done, but it worked for me! Good luck x

My Dr. Said 4 times a week

My fertility doctor says that every other day the quality of sperm is better on fertile window we try to follow that. But during the month probably 3-4 times a week. The pressure specially for me is huge 😭

I’ve been in fertility treatment for a long time.. for some people having sex all the time during ovulation works which is great! But for others, it has been suggested by my fertility doctors that you should be abstinent a few days before ovulation. This will help with your partner having the most and best quality sperm available ! Give that a try maybe ! Good luck!

Well we haven’t been doing it very much previous months so we thought we would try a little more this month instead

And here i am thinking we do it a lot already. 1x to 2x a week. We have to try harder then haha

We were doing it nearly everyday on our first month with no luck, not sure if I put too much pressure on us and I was tracking ovulation which I never got a positive result fro. Second month we didn't do it nearly half as much and fell pregnant, didn't track ovulation so felt disheartened by it from the previous month. I have been diagnosed with PCOS so thought it would then never happen

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So you didn't track just tried and fell pregnant? I've got PCOS so wondering how to do it..

Yes, I used an app to tell me when I would be most fertile and tracked ovulation on the first month. None of the tests came back to show I was ovulating. I used those tests up in the first month and got disheartened. My sister is the same as me with PCOS and she fell pregnant twice naturally, she just told me once you're off birth control and have you first natural period just keep at sex as you never know when your next period will be as mine were never regular. So that's what we did, I used the app again to see my most fertile window and we had sex more in that window and it worked. Not sure if it will for everyone. Good luck 😊

I asked 2 doctors one said - 3 times a week and the other said track your fertile days with sticks then do it everyday lol but I have read about the sperm meets egg theory which is every other day in your fertile window then everyday once you see the lh surge x.

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That would work too, the only thing I’m confused about is, is that 3 times a week through your whole cycle? Because you can’t get pregnant on your period and you can really only get pregnant within about 12-24 hrs after you ovulate so that would just be if you feel like having sex. The only times you really need to if you are trying are leading up to your LH and on it. After that or too early your chances are zero. But that’s the right concept.

I think she just wanted me to not stress about it and just have sex 3 times a week and wait then said come back in a year but she was a funny little lady she was like go go have sex three times a week and you be pregnant! And got rid of me as soon as possible hahhahh x

It’s really helpful to learn NFP, Natural Family Planning. You will learn how to track your cycle and figure out your fertile window and how to read your mucus and what days you are actually fertile or not. Sperm can live in you anywhere from 3-5 days. If you start too early and only do it once or twice your chances are low. I was recommended start on day 8 or 9 and do every other day and then every day from 12-14 until 3 days past your most fertile mucus or peak day. Ovulation only happens in a like 5 day window. If you have sex after you ovulate it’s slim chance. Really though there’s only a 33% or pregnancy even if you are perfect. The problem is though every woman ovulates at different times so what might work for one woman may not work for you. You only have a 5 day window though to potentially conceive. If your cycle is between 26-28 days you probably ovulate around day 14 or 15... but could be as late as 17 or as early as 12... so you want to do it on those days for sure.

I’m trying to conceive myself as me and my partner had a miscarriage with twins just over 2weeks ago, Is it wrong to try again so early? We’re both desperate to have a family of our own. Also has anyone heard of this... well, I got pregnant last year and the home tests and doctors test said I was pregnant but when I went for my 12week scan, it disappeared like a ghost. I still don’t understand why and what happened. I didn’t bleed 🩸 or have any symptoms of miscarriage.

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I’m going thru that right now ! My baby is only measuring 6weeks 4 days and I’m suppose to be 10 weeks 4 days , I just left the hospital and they gave me 8 pills .. 4 pills at a time within 12 hrs to insert in my my vagina .. hubby wants to try in two weeks but I’m scared

I had the same everything fine went for 12 week scan I'd had a missed miscarriage. Give yourself time. We waited a couple of months but it did take me a month to lose the baby. Take care and hope you're okay

A man produces around 1000 sperm with every heartbeat so the more you do it the more dilute the sperm will be as it takes time to build up the stock, that being said you can't leave it too long as the sperm start to deteriorate and release chemicals that damage nearby healthy sperm 🙄 lol its a balance but I'd say every 2-3 days would produce new healthy sperm in fairly good numbers!

Having sex everyday does not decrease the sperm quality. I did it everyday (sometimes more than once) and I caught pregnant. It’s whenever you feel comfortable x

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I read that it doesnt decrease the mans sperm. Just his energy 😆

Yeah I'd go with every other day during your fertile window

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I always thought doing it every day would up the chances as the man still produces sperm we’ve been doing it pretty much everyday yesterday was a rest day lol

With my oldest we were trying and we got pregnant on the third month. I used one of those apps that tracks your cyle. And we did every other day during the fertile days. With my second I was using the app to tracky cycle to avoid pregnancy based of my fertile days and he oopsed.😂

Does doing it everyday hurt?

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I tend to get backache after BD but every woman's body is different. As long as you're lubricated either naturally or with pre-seed (I've heard this is better for ttc) it shouldnt hurt. I would think BD everyday though doesn't give you the best quality sperm as it takes a day or so for the man to replenish fully. I'd say every other day is better. Make sure to stay hydrated, both of you 👍🏽

Yes, it could reduce the "good" sperm if you are having sex too often. My doctor recommended every other day for 2 weeks after your period. You typically ovulate between days 15-18.

My dr said 2 to 3 times a week. You can ramp it up in the fertile week if you would feel more comfortable with that

Every other day around ovulation time worked for us x

I am trying to conceive as well and ive been told that best chances are every other day. Which makes for quite the busy month😏 Good luck!

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Haha every other day I think is key! That’s what we’ve been doing and my god am I exhausted and my legs hurt😂😂😂

Yes mine too but I’ve been doing it everyday days since I finished my period last Wednesday we’ve only had two days rest lol who needs a gym

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