So me and my partner have just made a quick decision...we're not going to find out the gender so keeping it a surprise until the big day.

I think it's nice to not know for a change, and to keep it a surprise for both of us and our families. We're going gender neutral colours anyway so not necessary to know the gender. We're not a big fan of pink and blue as everyone does that, although there is nothing wrong with it, it's just a preferred opinion we share. We're moving house in a few weeks so need to save money really, most of the baby stuff will be gifts and reusable things our sisters have used already. I was eager to know if a Boy or Girl but we truly don't mind at all. As the baby is due on my aunties birthday(in heaven now) and the next day is my dad's, so either boy or girl we will be over the moon with. I'm so thankful and happy we've got a healthy growing baby and that everything is working out perfectly. 1 year ago my life was down the drain with depression&loneliness, no friends and just a horrible time with death coming to our family and been a nightmare. 1 year on my life has changed massively forever and I'll always be thankful for managing to pull through of what came over me. 💜💚. I never would have thought I'd have met the love of my life,moved in, and got a healthy baby on the way all within 8 months! It really shows you things DO get better!!
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Update....we found out😂it's a girl❤

I also kept the gender a surprise 🥰 We decorated the nursery with our wedding colours, white and teal. Then I had my lion king moment when they lifted my baby in the air during my c-section and said, it's a boy. Was amazing as the nurse started singing 😂😂😂 Just made the whole experience more special.

I think the midwives and scanners get more excited than you when they find out its going to be a surprise 😂

Aww lovely You don’t hear it very often, I’m 35+4 with twins and we don’t know the genders, I didn’t find out with my first either. It keeps you going.. I understand people finding out but when I was having my first son the excitement of finally knowing the sex kept me going through the labour. I am getting a little impatient with these two but I’ll know in the next two weeks when they make an appearance x

We chose not to find out. We really weren’t bothered either way and it was lovely to have that moment after giving birth when me and my partner looked and said ‘it’s a girl!’

We had a surprise too. We got everything in white and grey. I was so convinced it was a boy... she wasn’t! lol

We kept it a surprise too. The last month or so, I wish I knew because I was getting impatient and I kept changing my mind about names we'd picked months before, but that was just the boredom kicking in, I think. Was really glad we held out, it was lovely to find out at birth. In the unlikely event that we have another, I think we'll do the same again. Good luck! X

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Aww that's nice that you kept as a surprise. We've chose our names for either boy or girl,and the nursery is already painted white and Grey so I won't need to 're paint it again, there's so much adorable stuff that is neutral colours and it's making me want more babies😂😂I haven't even had 1 yet ! Lol xx

Surprises are the best! ❤️ we just painted our nursery white, but just got a bright coloured theme, curtains, light shade, sheets etc... will do for the next one too 😉

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You can’t beat a baby in a fresh white baby grow 😍

Aww that's lovely. I think blue and pink are overrated but that's just my opinion xx

Just want to say I love that your not finding out, we got so slated for it but it was the best surprise, there are not a lot of surprises now especially as you get older so think it’s so nice x

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