Tummy time fail

Does anyone else have problems with tummy time with their little one? Our baby HATES it and cries the whole time. She’s 3.5 months old but was 4 weeks early. I feel like she should be able to at least hold herself up with her arms by now but she doesn’t even want to try. She just buries her head in the mat and screams. Any tips??
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Maybe try putting something she's interested in in front of her/elevated a little bit?

This picture is a meme! 🤣 Instant classic, the hands and everything 😍

My son never liked tummy time when he was tiny. But I spoke to the health visitor about it one time and she said tummy time on your actual tummy still counts! My baby built his strength in his arms and everything by lying on my tummy and when he got a bit bigger and more wriggly he then LOVED being in the mat!

My almost 5 month old hates it he just wants to be sat up stood up with me holding him. I dont really do it anymore its not worth him getting upset over it. I feel like its my fault tho because I wasn't consistent with it x

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We haven’t done it as much as we should either. But either way I guess we shouldn’t worry about it because they will eventually learn to crawl one way or another!

Yeah definitely. I always compare my little one to other babies and we shouldn't because they are all different x

My daughter is the same. She HATES tummy time. She is also 3 months 2 weeks and she cannot hold up her head for a whole minute. She cries hysterically after about 30 seconds and then plops her head back down. There are days I don’t do tummy time on the floor because it is very difficult to watch her struggle like that.

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What a cutie!!! I was wondering if there was something wrong with my daughter!!

Aww my daughter was the same hated tummy time so I hardly did it tbh she was also 4 weeks early and she had great head control without it so try not worry

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That’s encouraging! Thank you!

I agree with what’s being said. Use a boppy or towel. Also if you don’t have it download the wonderweeks app. It will show developmental milestones and adjust according to early delivery

My son doesnt like tummy time either... sometimes I lay down and put him on top of my chest..that's the only time he stays there for a while 😊

🤣😂🤣😂 I’m sorry you’re having such a hard time with it! That picture just KILLED me though. Good luck

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Lol it’s definitely one of my favorites 🤣

My baby girl is almost 2 months and she doesn’t like tummy time on the floor on Mats so I do it on me almost always so far . I’m nursing so I’d let her lay in between my breasts and let her lead herself to the nipple as best as she could to build that strength also during diaper changes I’d flip her over . I have that same mat and she likes it the most . I had her lay on her back first with the bar part connected and the piano part behind her head playing . She liked that and would reach for the bar and then I would flip her over on her stomach for a bit while the piano lit up and she would look at it lifting her head and turn side to side . Once she got fussy I’d put her back on her back and try it again in a few minutes. When I do it in the bassinet she pushes up on her arms . Just keep trying throughout the day even if it’s only for a minute.

We also did the boppy pillow for a little bit, and slowly we eased in to no pillow. Tummy time on the bed and me on the floor also worked for us. It gets easier when they start showing interests in objects that you can place in front of them. Good luck :) LOL @ that pic btw!

My daughter HATED TUMMY TIME WITH A PASSION! refused to tummy time and she crawls stand and all now without ever doing tummy time

Every baby moves at their own pace. My kids always hated tummy time no matter what I tried. I think as long as they meet other milestones such as sitting and rolling then it’s not a huge concern. Just keep doing it on a daily basis so baby can build those important muscles eventually. Then of course if you’re really concerned just talk to a Physical Therapist.

Try tummy time on your bed (supervised of course). They often like it better up high bc they can see more. You can also put your face right in front of your baby. Then i love the other suggestions of propping and doing it more frequently for shorter time per session. I think most babies arent fans until they build up strength. It's hard work to hold up those heavy heads. :-)

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I actually tried that tonight (tummy time on the bed) and she seemed to tolerate it a much more!

Like others have said, using a towel or pillow helps. We also used a silver foil blanket (bought a camping style on off amazon) and arranged toys in front of her so she could move towards them. Preserve though because my daughter wasn’t a fan but we kept at it for short periods of time and it worked wonders. Also perhaps try lying them on you?

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Sorry no advice to give here, but oh my word that is the best picture!😂 Definitely 18th birthday material😂

Why not use a boppy pillow?

What a great pic! I know we’ve all felt like that some days 🤣 Ours was better when I lay next to her. She would watch when I picked up my own head to show her how it’s done. She was also happier about tummy time up on her changing pad - never figured out why!

We used to have the same challenge! We used our nursing Boppy for a week, and she liked that better. Then we went back to regular tummy time with her favorite toy to play with in front of her, and she loves it now! Good luck, I hope you find something that works for you two 🙂

My daughter was like this. I just kept doing it for a few minutes a day and then stopped when she cried, and just one day she didn't start crying! Sorry I know that's not much help lol

Awww, she just looks so done with it, haha. Tummy to tummy with her on your chest can be a good way to do tummy time before baby can really hold herself up and you can look at her face and cheer her on!

I'm sorry but this picture made me laugh! 🤣 just keep at it mama. My son didnt like to lift himself up either. Hes now 9 months and crawling all over and pulling himself up to stand

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That's how I feel when I get home from work 😂

It makes me laugh too! Lol

I work in early intervention, in occupational therapy You can prop her up with a rolled towel or small pillow under her arms and chest, that way she doesn't have to do all the work herself since it seems as though it's too much for her at this time. Also putting something in front of her that she wants to look at like certain toys or a mirror could help too. I've also seen moms get down on the floor for a bit with the baby so they know they aren't alone, being face to face with Mom helps at times 😊 good luck momma, and keep trying. If she can't handle it for much more than a few minutes at a time that's ok, she'll learn to get used to it. You can cut down on the duration, and increase the frequency and it'll have the same effects. You both will learn what works best for you! Feel free to message me if you have more questions!

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Thanks so much! I’ll try all of this

You're so welcome!! Best of luck! 😊

I would put her hands on the side of her shoulders or in front.

Try taking her mitts off her hands it will help with her figuring things out being able to touch ect

Just keep practicing... Try and put her arms up under her to prop her up and play with stuff in front of her and eventually she'll get the hang of it. My daughter still has some days when she's not having it and arches her back and put legs and arms up in the air and starts screaming to be picked up 😂 just do it a few minutes every day and she'll get the hang of it

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Thanks for the advise! We have put her arms under her but she isn’t having it lol I’ll try to play with things in front of her too though! Maybe that will help.

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