Diverse dolls?

With everything happening in the worldright now it’s more imprtant than ever to teach children diversity. My LO is only a toddler so wanted to start by providing dolls that represent different ethnicities. I live in a rural town thats predominantely white so I think this is important. ❤️ I looked in B&M, Argos, Sainsburys. Can’t find anything! Can anynody recommend? I don’t have a lot of money so preferably inexpensive x
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That’s such a good idea. Where I live is really white British so I’ve already started reading my baba books that have people of different cultures and ethnicities in. Gona be especially important as we can’t travel so much with the pandemic isn’t it x

What an amazing and lovely thought. Bless you mama! There are lots of small bussiness on Etsy or more can be found via Google. Argos have a few too.

Thanks so much guys!!! Xxxx

Hi I work in early years If you look in school catalogues such as TTS / GLS / cosy ... they have lots but it comes with a higher price tag 💰


You normally have to shop in places like- consortium, community play things. Which is what nursery’s use for their resources x

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