3 years ago

For moms of black or biracial or mixed children...

What discussions have you had with your children? For those like me with a toddler, at what age do you think 'the talk' should happen? I'm scared to death that society will see my sweet little boy as a dangerous man just because of preconceived stereotypes based on the color of his skin.
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last month

My oldest is 8 years old, and for the last few years she has known her skiing colour is different to myself to my side of her family and also to her daddy's side, but that's because she has a mix of mine and my partners colour but she knows that just because she is different on the outside doesn't mean she is different on the inside because we are all the same. I was raised as it doesn't matter what skin colour you have because on the inside were all the same so colour doesn't matter. My daughter loves everyone and for me if you teach your children from a young age the right things the right way to act and see people in life then there shouldn't be all this hate again people of colour. Problems with colour doesn't just happen it is taught so if you teach your child right from being young enough to understand then your good hun xx

last month

@Colleen I’m honestly kind of shocked by what you said here. It made me think outside of systemic racism, maybe day to day race issues are less in certain areas. I see you’re in Connecticut, which is VASTLY different then where I live in Richmond, VA…where day to day racism seems to be very much a thing and honestly very common.

last month

I don't thing you need to have a talk. I'm mixed and my parents just told me my dad was a red flower and my mother was a white flower and I came out pink. I don't think I'm going to have to talk with my mixed son. I don't think people even think about race anymore. Also love transcends everything. Just going to show him how to have a healthy loving relationship.

last month

This is very sad 😢

last year

I won’t make it about race, because then I feel like he’ll see himself as too different. But speak to him about the fact that there are some times when some groups of people may treat him unkindly and that he should stay calm and respectful and know all his rights in certain situations. Because then maybe he won’t start discriminating against certain people also. And gaining knowledge can never start too young🤷🏽‍♀️

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