I've never felt this confident!

After 17 months pp, I decided enough is enough. I’m done with putting myself down and not feeling confident in my own skin. So I started changing my eating style ( low carbs), getting active, and now finding time for some home exercises. The best thing is I feel like I could do this forever. After just one month, I lost so much tummy weight, and got more energy than drinking a cup of coffee. Still got more toning to be done, but I have never felt this confident after having my son via c-section.
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This is so amazing! I love it well done, you look beautiful!

Thank you ladies this definitely is fueling my spirit to keep going no matter how sore I be feeling or when I start craving sugary sweets!

You go girl 👏

AMAZING, lady! Good for you!! 👏

Great job! You can do it!

So awesome!!! Keep going girl!!

You look great!!

Wow you look good

U look amazing!! Beautiful mama! x

Looking great mama! Keep going! Xx

You look great mama! I just started feeling like my self again after giving birth to my baby boy. It’s so hard to get out of mommy mode and give your self the TLC that we all need so bad 😩

Well done! You look great 😄

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