Rant!! Hospital restrictions

It's an extremely shitty situation but what we all need to realise is it is the best thing at the moment. It is heartbreaking that partners can't be with us when we are going to appointments but it's for everyone's protection. Yes shops are opening, we are allowed to meet friends now (with social distancing) and children are going back to school but all of these are completely different to hospitals. Remember that the midwife's, nurses and consultants who see us for our scans and appointments at the hospital are the same people who are up on the maternity ward helping you during your labour and tending to our new born babies who have extremely immature immune systems. The less people who go into the hospital's the less chance there is of infection and it has to stay this way for as long as possible. Not only that but the more risk there is the more likely there is to be a shortage of staff when it is our turn to give birth, there is already a nationwide shortage of midwives and if more are taking time off when they are ill it increases the risk to us and babies in birth and for the sake of a partner coming to appointments with us it's just not worth it in my eyes. I had a silent miscarriage last year and found out at my 12 week scan and had to go into my 12 week this time alone and terrified that I would be by myself and find out again. Luckily it was incredible news and not only did I have one healthy baby but two so that was something else I couldn't share with my husband until I met him outside the hospital afterward. We only plan on having two children and as it is twins we won't ever do this again so he will never go through the experience most other fathers do during pregnancy and it is devastating that he is missing so much but I understand this is the way it has to be and I completely appreciate why. You can think you are safe and your partner is safe but it is so easy to contract from places you may not think and people not only don't show symptoms for 7-10 days but some are completely asymptomatic and wouldn't even know they have it. To then join us for an appointment and run the risk of giving it to other pregnant ladies, some of which will have preexisting health conditions, or to pass on to hospital staff just isn't worth the risk. Yes your partner's can wash their hands and wear masks and gloves but the waiting rooms are only so big, the more people in them the more difficult it is to social distance, this means the less ladies they can see in a day so even less appointments and most are already over the phone. Hospitals will be the last place to ease restrictions because it is such a high risk place for everyone. If Tesco staff catch it from customers and have time off the store runs slower however if a midwife has to have time off from catching it there is the risk of less staff at your birth and increases the risk of complications or even death of your baby. Again, it's upsetting, unfair and can cause anxiety that we have to do this alone but it is essential for ours and our babies safety. Again, yes shops, garden centres and other places are opening and there is talks of pubs reopening but it is all with distancing. I agree that not everyone seems to have gotton their heads around what that means and can't seem to follow an arrow system around a supermarket but we can avoid those places if we want to, there are ways and means. However if hospital restrictions are lifted because some people have started petitions against the restrictions then I don't have a choice, I have to go to my appointments for the sake of mine and my babies safety and try as hard as I might I won't be able to social distance if everyone has a partner with them. I choose not to go to garden centres and I choose not to go to non-essential shops in order to protect myself and my unborn babies because it is an unessasary risk. By easing restrictions in hospitals I lose my choice.
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Well said, definitely puts things into perspective.

Agree 100 Rachel and massive congrats x

Well said xx

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Thank you Kelly xx

My biggest problem is after labour. I have severe anxiety disorder and autism. I’m on medication and my baby will need to be monitored for withdrawals for 24 hours. If my partner is already in the building for when i give birth, why is it any more risky for him to stay with me until i get discharged? It’s going to be so so so difficult for me as a new mum with mental health issues to be alone for 24 hours looking after this tiny little human without my partners support, the whole idea terrifies me and I don’t think it’s fair. As for scans, my partner has been allowed in with me because my baby and my pregnancy itself has some complications so they let him in with me (I have extra scans than the 12 and 20 week) if my partner is allowed in then surely it’s fair all partners should be if they are from the same household. Anything he has I would have and if it can be spread through him it’ll be spread through me anyway so I just don’t see how it’s anymore dangerous having them there 🤷🏽‍♀️

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I think this depends on your hospital trust. I’m only 11 weeks but my midwife went through all the current restrictions, I guess as they still might be in place in December! At my hospital, partners are allowed in once you are in established labour and they don’t have to leave until you do. The only rule being, if they go out before then, they can’t come back in. The hospital I go to doesn’t have any open wards tho and it’s all private rooms with bathrooms so that might be why 🤷🏻‍♀️ Worth checking tho as it may calm your anxiety. I must admit that it would worry me!

Yeah i have already checked. He currently won’t be allowed to stay with me after :(

Totally agree mama!

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Thank you xx

Absolutely agree. Congratulations 🥳

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Thank you 😁 super happy xx

Well ranted! 👏🏻 And congratulations on the twins 😊 I hope it all goes smoothly for you xx

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Thank you 😁 I appreciate it, super exciting times xx

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