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So this is my daughters hair. it’s a mix between her dads hair and my hair. He’s Jamaican, I’m Hispanic. For years I’ve been trying to deal with her hair. I’ve tried Shea moisture brand, Cantu brand and other brands. Nothing works. I could brush her hair for hours and it will never untangle. Her hair is so dry, she could stand under the shower and her hair will not absorb any water. I’ve heard of using coconut oil. But do I use pure coconut oil or is there a specific brand?? I’ve also braided her whole head before but it always ruins after a week. What are the best products I can use that will keep her braids firmly in place?
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I have super curly hair, and this post is just a story of my life. A couple of things that I have found work really well for me. When washing my hair I only ever condition it twice and don’t shampoo it, shampoo strips moisture from curly hair. I found that John Freda frizz ease conditioner works really well for me. And once I wash my hair when it’s still soaking I put through hair oil and also leave in conditioner:)

There is a coconut oil leave in conditioner spray I got at Walmart it’s awesome, easy to use and great for dry hair

Can you go online and take a quiz on what her hair type is? From there we can better advise you on product. I'm a 3c and she looks close to that

Try MIELLE !!! It will work


Check out naptural85 on YouTube. She has a great collection of videos that include her daughter. You just need a proper regimen and technique that includes daily moisturizing if it’s not in a protective style, weekly deep conditioning and proper detanglingn technique

You need to make sure you wet her hair every single day, use leave in conditioner, and also put oil in it every single day!!! My hair is the same way!

Thank you so much everyone for the information and advice!! 💞💞 I will definitely take every advice into consideration and apply it towards my daughters hair!! I have to try anything to get her to at least not hate having her hair brushed or styled because of how dry it it ☹️. I’ll try to get the different products everyone mentioned and hopefully I can find one that will work perfectly for her hair. Thank you!! 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

I don’t have any advice for you. Just wanted to say I that I love her hair! 😄

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Lol awww thank you! She has so much hair and it’s so thick and curly. So I’m just trying so hard to take better care of it ☺️

My daughter has similar hair we have always used pink oil!

I used a soft and free brand for Afro hair, or hair conditioner. 👍🏽 softens it enough to comb it. 😊 My boys have Afro hair,

There are so many resources on youtube.

Look up the curly girl method- it’ll help with her hair. My sister is a curl specialist (@curlygallal on Instagram so there is some content there if you’re in Instagram). The main things to remember is stay away from shampoos with silicone and sulfates, get a good deep conditioner (use once a week) and leave in conditioner. Jamaican black castor oil is also great for curly hair xx

My friend uses refined coconut oil, grape seed oil and almond oil for her hair and she swears by it!

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That’s interesting... I never thought about almond oil. Thank you I’ll give that a try :)

Me neither! I saw her mix hem together and use them in her hair. Smells yummy

Is it 4b?

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How do you know?.. I’ve always heard textures referred to like this and want to know my daughters

I’m not a pro (obviously) but my hairdresser for my foster daughter said that you have to get to know your child’s hair. That it’s probably dry because you’re treating it like Caucasian curls. They usually should only wash their hair every 7-14 days, select products that are all natural and preferably made by a business with black creators. And for protective styling, I think maybe going to a stylist until you learn more? I don’t know much except what I was told. But I think going to someone who has similar hair would be a good place to start. They will be able to educate you on it.

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