2 years ago

Trying for baby number 2

Hello šŸ‘‹ iam mum of 3 years old and we decide to try for baby number 2 number . Anyone in the same situation ?Any concerns about COVID 19 during pregnancy ?
Trying for baby number 2

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1 month ago

@Rhiannon Yes we are in Waxahachie! We have been here for about a year. We are planning on staying permanently

1 month ago

@Melissa really?! My husband grew up in Houston and then his parents lived in San Antonio for a long time. He proposed to me at the river walk in San Antonio. We want to visit next year actually. Are you planning on staying there permanently?

1 month ago

@Rhiannon Texas!

1 month ago

@Melissa Iā€™m in Southern California! What about you???!

1 month ago

@Rhiannon where are you?

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