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Breastfeeding 101 The Peanut Clinic 🥜

Hey mamas, you’ve probably seen our Peanut Pick where you could ask questions and get responses from our breastfeeding consultant Quetzal. She’s also offered some advice below on commonly asked questions and answers! Enjoy! 🤱
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I have a question I have a one month old I have trouble with breastfeeding so I have been consistently pumping stopped breastfeeding because it’s hard for me to have him latch on or he latched on when he does it hurts me tried several things and googled it but nothing seemed to work I want to breastfeed but having trouble with latching him on and then he gets fussy because he wants milk so I just pump...any advice would help

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How do I get my active 2 year old to stop breastfeeding and co sleeping... Like this is hard lol

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Omg same question, lol 😆

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I definitely recommend breastfeeding as long as you are able. It's such good bonding time for mom and baby. It is definitely not easy at times and everyone handles it differently. My family members had trouble nursing but for me there were only a few rough days but overall it was not painful, it was kind of relaxing for both mom and baby. People tell me to nurse until 6 or 12 months, but my milk supply didn't work with this plan. My son just turned 4 months and my milk supply only allows for two feedings a day, I get nothing when I pump (maybe 1oz if I'm lucky). I have accepted this and we supplement with formula. Our son is doing extremely well in size and health. I will continue to try to nurse the two times a day until I can't anymore. My advice in the long run though is do what you can and what you want. Nursing can be very challenging and you can't beat yourself up and if it becomes something you can't do or don't want to do. your child will be ok either way and you will love them either way! 😊

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If your having a problem latching, baby has gas, or severe pain while breastfeeding, definitely take your baby to a dentist, yes a dentist to check for younger and lip tie, your Lactation consultant can usually refer you. If your having problems and are hard headed about breastfeeding chances are you have a Lactation consultant ☺️

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Hello,im currently pregnant and wojld like info on breastfeeding. With my first child he was 5 pounds at 37 weeks. So my nipple was to big for his little mouth. Tried nipple shields and he would just get frustrated, eventually gave in and gave him formula. I would try the pump but would not produce more than an once. Until i dried up 3 weeks later. With my second he would latch on but i wouldn't produce much about 1-2 onces . So i aswell gave and gave him bottles, i would alternate between breast and bottle but at 3 months i dried up. Now with this peanut on the way i want to breastfeed the whole first year but im concerned on how to increase my supply .

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Your supply increases the more you let baby on the breast.

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