• K
  • New York, United States
  • 6 months ago

Leaving for work in the morning

My 2-year old is having a really hard time dealing with me leaving for work in the morning... does anyone else have tips/ideas for explaining why you leave for work?
  • J
  • AZ, United States
  • 25 days ago

We always had a hard time with me leaving for work. I found being very organized and having things ready the night before really helped. But now I’m running my own business with Young Living and time freedom has been amazing!

  • J
  • Toronto, Canada
  • 3 months ago

I recently went back to work 6 weeks ago. My son turned 2 one month ago and is not adjusting well. He wakes up throughout the night crying and looking for me. He’s even mad at me when I come home from work. One day he even said he doesn’t love me anymore. That broke my heart. I’ve had to trick a few times in order to leave, he screams and cried when he sees me too. I try my hardest to leave before he wakes up but that doesn’t always happen. I try to distract him in days he sees me leave. Have him do an activity he really likes, set up an art project or colour. I tell him I’ll see him soon and that we’ll spend time just the two of us and do an activity or say he can come grocery shopping with me. I promise I’ll call him during my lunch which I always do. Most days now he will kiss me and say bye, but I still get the occasional day where he just wants me to crawl into bed and cuddle. It’s rough, I miss him so much when I’m gone.

  • C
  • San Antonio, United States
  • 4 months ago

I felt the same way when I started working after talking to my husband I found out he felt the same he said he hates leaving the kids and sometimes he even wanted to leave work just like me 😢 so we’re not alone talk with your husband it might help a little bit 🤗

  • E
  • Hutto, United States
  • 5 months ago

I had this problem when my daughter was about 2-3 so I started giving more hugs before leaving and if it was really bad I would get my silly “magic monkey” socks (long socks with monkeys on them) put them on here and told her if she missed me while I’m at work to rub them together and when they get warm thats a hug from me. Worked like a charm.

  • R
  • Sacramento, United States
  • 6 months ago

My son is almost 4 and still convinces me not to go to work at least two days each month lol. Good thing my job is considerate.

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