• K
  • New York, United States
  • 13 days ago

Working mamas

Curious... do you feel like being a mother has made you better or worse at your job? I feel like I’ve learned to be way more efficient so I can make it back in time for school pickup and bedtime. Also feel like I have a new appreciation for patience at work. Would love to hear your stories!
  • Brittany
  • Charlotte, United States
  • 13 days ago

Being a mother has put me in a position to work 10 times harder than I did before. I’m constantly looking for new opportunities to bring in additional income to put money away for my kids and their future. I stumbled across an opportunity that has turned out to be better than I ever dreamed.

  • S
  • NJ, US
  • 3 months ago

I have a hybrid schedule where I commute in to the office 2 days per week, and work from home 3 days. It’s convenient, I end my days early when I WFH, so I can spend quality time with my sweetie pie. I also like that I commute in because I get to still have social interaction outside the home 2 days per week, while building my network at work, so I enjoy that balance.

  • E
  • OK, US
  • 5 months ago

I love working part time hen coming home to my son. I love my son so much but having a few hours a week away is good

  • J
  • Rosemont, United States
  • about 1 year ago

Worse!!!! I can never remember anything. My tasks require knowing certain things and I have been struggling to cope with not remembering and not understanding what I used to know. I used to feel smart, but now I just feel stupid

  • A
  • West Valley City, United States
  • over 1 year ago

I felt like it helped me prioritize and get things done faster but I’m sorry I just wasn’t happy being away for that long! So it helped me open my eyes to what’s really important too because I wanted to be a working mom until I had my child!

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