'As an experienced mum' 🤢🤮

Hate, hate HATE it when a mum says this to another mum. You aren't better than anyone or necessarily more experienced🤦🤦 Anyone have a phrase that really winds them up?
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The mum whose little one is a bit older than yours, so everything you say, their response is “oh well just wait until they’re doing THIS”, or “oh just you wait - that’s nothing”... like - I get it, your baby will always have that 6 month edge on mine. Congratulations! It’s like some women think it’s a constant competition to be the most tired / worn out / stressed. Does my head in.

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My partners mum does this to me and she don’t even have any little kids 🤣 she tries showing me ways of helping his development but I completely ignore it lmao xx

Yeah now you mention it, MIL does do it a lot, like whatever you say it’s a ‘been there done that’ answer followed by ‘the next stage is even worse so this is fine in comparison’ and you’re like ... errm, I just want to focus on this thanks!! I guess you’re right they’re probably just trying to help us prepare! But it’s annoying at the time hey!

No offence to them but your own mothers when they say well back in my day we did this, I’m like yes mother cause back in your day when Godzilla was born most of the shit you got away with doing was mostly illegal 🙄🙄🙄 I love my mum dearly I really do but since having my LG it’s all I get from her 😒😒

Sooo glad that it's not just me!😂 I really try and not judge people, but I really want to tell people where to shove it when they act like this!!!

Or "Well it worked for my kids" "I wouldnt do that with my kids" GOOD FOR YOU.. focus on yourself.. 😂😂😂

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So annoying!! Like yeah.. YOUR kids, not mine 🙄😂

I’ve heard the “Well it worked for my kids” so many damn times too 🤣

I’m still pregnant and at 38 weeks. So at the moment “not long to go now” is really annoying me. I know it is well meaning. But most likely I still have a month to go - most first time mums labour will more likely happen at around 42 weeks. I’m starting to have people check up on me and asking is the baby here yet. 😂 no, it’s not. I’ll tell you when it is, no need to check on me.

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Oooooh fuck me the not long to go one. Or “any sign of the baby” FUCKING YES THATS WHY I TOOK A PREGNANCY TEST 8 FUCKING MONTHS AGO SANDRA. Honestly I started to ignore ppl I was so agg at that point. Especially considering she weren’t even born until 42+1 and the comments came in at 37 weeks. I’m already full of rage as a person as it is but that really boiled my piss at the time 😂( life you say I did know it was well meaning too.)

Sometimes you just want to vent. You don’t want a solution! My problem is, if someone tells me not to do something, I do everything in my power to prove them wrong! Lol xx

I said I was tired and my aunt who’d just had a baby said “you’re tired? I’m the one with a baby” ... I was pregnant with twins 🙃😂

I literally had someone a few days ago say “well I’m more experienced than you” because I have two children and she has three. I wanted to throw her through the damn wall!

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Hah!! “I’m more experienced than you at dealing with your own child who I don’t know”

When you complain about being tired or literally anything and someone says “wait until you have kids” like just let me be tired!

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This really annoyed me, kept hearing it all the way through pregnancy. Like I’m allowed to be tired I’m carry a human! Ffs lol 😅

You’ll make a rod for your own back 🤬😡

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I hate it when they say this! My health visitor was talking about this and even said you can never make a rod for your own back xx

It’s my back and my rod is very comfortable lol xx

🤣🤣👏🏻👏🏻 or when you don’t agree with something and someone says “well I done it with my children” 😂 drives me up the wall

I hate this and also the ‘back in my day..’ usually followed by some outlawed backward advice that you’d never dream of following!

...and also their "experienced" way could still be shit!

🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 this phrase grinds my gears so much!!! My fav was “you don’t have children so your opinion doesn’t really count for anything as you don’t know how to parent”.

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