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2 years ago

Your beauty and wellness questions, answered!

This week, we’ve teamed up with Annie Lawless, a beauty and wellness expert, to answer your questions. From pregnancy-safe skincare to tips on how to prioritize self-care, please do share any questions you may have. To submit your questions, either post below or message me (Ashleigh, from Team Peanut!) privately. We’ll be sharing her answers on Wednesday, 1st July.

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Post-menpausal skin care, including acne.

1 year ago

I have really bad itching scalp problems. What should I do for treatments

1 year ago

Me too! I was using a tea tree shampoo but that isn’t helping and neither is head and shoulders

New York City, New York, US
1 year ago

🧼 Skincare for busy mamas 🧼 • If you don’t have much time for a lengthy routine, focus on hydration and exfoliation • Hydration will keep your skin supple and keep it youthful looking, so prioritise using a rich moisturiser or serum • Exfoliation will help boost cell turnover and remove dead, dull skin cells which helps with fine lines and brightening your skin • These two steps will go a long way!

1 year ago

What’s a good exfoliating product? With not much fragrance I have sensitive skin

New York City, New York, US
1 year ago

💄 Makeup for busy mamas 💄 • The best thing for busy mamas? Multitasking products that help you cut out steps and streamline your routine • You could use blush or bronzer as an eyeshadow, or use bronzer or highlighter as your only base product to perk up your skin • It’s about playing with your makeup to find things that work in multiple ways!

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