Trying to conceive

I don’t know with what to start, I’ve took some pregnancy test and boom first one came Positive but with a faint line😻 and the next one came BFN🤦‍♀️, but hey wait 🧐 then I tried again, after 2 days it came positive, which was super faint line🤷‍♀️. Until now I had mild cramps, I feel tired and last Friday I was so dizzy at some point, when I’m a super crazy person and energetic, this feeling came from nowhere 🤷‍♀️. I should have my period on 6 July ( forgot to add I have irregular period 🙄) like 34 days.
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Different tests need different hormone amounts so could be that! Keep testing good luck girl x

Will keep you ladies updated 😘.

I think best thing to do to, if you can is get a blood test from the doctor or hospital as it will more likely be accurate! But all the best and congratulations if you are👌💗

Do you mean you're supposed to have your period July 6? I'm hoping for a positive for you!

Looms positive to me Hun! Congratulations mama x

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