2 years ago

What products are good at preventing stretch marks?

Hi ladies! So ive been using Cocoa butter since i was 6 weeks pregnant and im 20weeks now, but ive bought some bio oil today to try. Does anyone use any of these or think other products are better to help prevent stretch marks?
What products are good at preventing stretch marks?

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4 days ago

Neal's Yard mothers balm is NOTHING SHORT OF AMAZING! I'm 39 in my second pregnancy and suffer with very dry skin and I use this balm twice a day EVERY DAY I'm now 38 weeks and nothing yet. It's not cheap but it goes a long way. I honestly 100% recommend it.

1 month ago

I did not use any oils during pregnancy and I did not get any, a lot is genetics..

3 months ago

I used both together in my first pregnancy & it worked. I’m currently using it now and it seems to be working. 🙏🏾

4 months ago

I just used the cocoa butter and never had 1 stretch mark. I think some ppl can't prevent them though bc it's hereditary. What I would do is gain slowly by eating healthy and stay hydrated! Stretch marks heal really good if you do get them. I have a good ol c section scar that is healing great with bio oil and c section massage!

4 months ago

It all depends on your body really, I don't think anything really works. I tried bio oil for a wk early on, but I hated the oily feeling on my skin so I gave it away. Then I didn't bother with anything else. I just use my normal body lotion as I always have and don't really have any stretch marks. I'm 35wks now and can only see about 6 light marks.

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